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MMS/APN Issue?Support

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  1. timdog68

    timdog68 Active Member

    I am unable to send and receive MMS messages.
    I have seen mention of APN issues but can't locate where the APN info is stored on my phone to see if there is an issue.
    I did download a data toggle that threatened to change my APN but as far as I know I deleted the widget without using it but now I wonder if it did change my APN .
    I looked under Network settings but the only two things listed are the 3g/LTE option and the Roaming data options?
    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Settings>Wireless and networks>Mobile Networks>APN
  3. timdog68

    timdog68 Active Member

    Thanks for the reply.
    If I go to this area I have two options:

    1.Choose CDMA or CDMA/LTE
    2. CDMA roaming mode.

    I dont see anything else listed that references APN?
  4. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Strange. I do have XT910 and not XT912, and I have Access point names there.
  5. YogiTKE

    YogiTKE Member

    I've been having this problem for a week or so now I think. I notice it while texting via Group messaging with friends who all use iPhones, thus our text messages are sent to one another as MMS.

    If my phone drops from 4G to 3G, it will no longer receive the MMS texts. It will give me the option to Download or Reject. I tap Download, but it fails to download. I also tested the phone by having my wife send me a picture with her iPhone and the same problem happened.

    I spent hours on the phone with Verizon techs last evening, but it got me nowhere.

    Like I said, the phone works perfectly while in the 4G network. Also, all other features except MMS work when in 3G (SMS, web browsing, etc.)
  6. timdog68

    timdog68 Active Member

    Same exact issue for me except I'm trying to send pics and receive pics from other Droid phones.
    I can text ,receive and send email,surf the web.
    The only thing I can't do is send or receive pictures.
    Also having issues with 3G/4G data not always coming on when I switch over from wifi.
  7. timdog68

    timdog68 Active Member

    Well I went to Verizon at lunch time and after 10 minutes of messing with my phone the Tech handed it back to me and said it was all set.
    He then explained that MMS doesn't play nice with the Droid operating system on some phones though he was surprised it didn't on the new Razr.
    What he did was download Go SMS Pro from the market as his fix:eek:.
    So now I have MMS but find it odd the stock app wouldnt work and Verizon tech response was to download a 3rd party app to fix the issue.
    Either way I have MMS so I'll drop it now.
  8. YogiTKE

    YogiTKE Member

    Do you mean Go SMS Pro? And how is downloading a 3rd party app considered a fix? BS if you ask me.
  9. timdog68

    timdog68 Active Member

    Yeah I meant Go SMS Pro.
    The funny thing was he didn't even ask me, he just did it.
    I figured out how to replace the "TEXT" static Button with the GO SMS shortcut so I'm fine with it but I thought it was an odd approach.
  10. YogiTKE

    YogiTKE Member

    Go SMS Pro doesn't handle group messaging like the stock messaging of the Droid RAZR though. It's not a viable solution to me.

    The stock RAZR messaging allows you to create group messaging where the texts are sent out as MMS, like how the iPhone handle group messaging.
  11. timdog68

    timdog68 Active Member

    Yeah I understand but its a short term fix until I can find a better option or a software update fixes it.I won't trade the screen,battery life,data speeds,sd card slot for threaded mms messaging though.
  12. xcorps

    xcorps Member

    This worked perfectly for me, and I'm so hating Verizon right now. I scoured the internet for a solution, and THIS was the only fix that worked. I went on so many wild goose chases! APN settings (which don't show up in the xt912 settings!), tinkering with settings in handcent and stock messaging, and whatever else.

    Go SMS works. It even works with the stock messaging app frozen in Titanium. Handcent would never work while it was frozen.

    I was a die-hard handcent fan, but I guess I'm now go sms.

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