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Motorola Atrix 2 network speedsGeneral

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  1. Carlos A

    Carlos A Well-Known Member

    Hi, guys i am an OG Atrix 4g user, and I was wondering what kind of speeds you guys get withthe Atrix 2. In my OG Atrix i constatly get 4-6mbps and 7mbps when i run the test late at night, in exception for peak hours when i get 1-3mbps. Just post what speeds you guys are getting to see if there is a big difference if i switched.

  2. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    Its the same with any of at&t 4G phones. Atrix, Thrill, GS2 and Inspire are all hitting the same. Some slightly faster some slower depending on location. At&t doesn't have the speed to reach 14.4 or 21 mbps yet. At least in non LTE cities.
  3. Socrat3s

    Socrat3s Well-Known Member

    I'm hitting around 9 down, so slightly faster but remember it has 21mps chip so it could get up to 13 or 12
  4. dasfiend

    dasfiend Member

    It may just be a subjective comparison fail, but it seems to me the antenna is better on the atrix 2. I feel like I see less one or two bar situations and a few places (like my son's pediatrician's office) where I can get signal that I couldn't with my atrix.

    Speeds I dunno, not really that much of a concern of mine honestly. I'm much more interested in a stable connection than an insanely speedy one.
  5. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    U have the fastest download I've seen so far with at&t. The fastest I've reached was 7 mbps early in morning.
  6. 916x10

    916x10 Well-Known Member

    This is what i'm getting on my WiFi at home

  7. Freakshow999

    Freakshow999 Active Member

    I've hit 10 down but can't break the 1 up limiter it at&t seems to have. I average around 6-7 in full bar 4g areas.
  8. dasfiend

    dasfiend Member

    With your wifi on, you're testing the speed of your home internet service, not the at&t service. Turn off wifi and test again to see the at&t speed in your area.
  9. Socrat3s

    Socrat3s Well-Known Member

    You and I both buddy.

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