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Mount Network Hard Drive as Local Folder in mnt/sdcard

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  1. basil5303

    basil5303 New Member

    I am trying to setup a local folder within mnt/sdcard that in actually a network share drive. The reason I am trying to utilize this method to map a network shared drive is so that my local apps can see and save files to this drive/folder.

    I do have a rooted device and have installed CIFS manager and was able to mount the drive to the appropriate folder, however when I try to save files to this newly created folder/network drive, it won't let me save them.

    I thought this might have been due to the fact that share was not enabled on the hard drive, but it is. Further more, when I utilize a Samba client I am able to save files appropriatly. Seems wierd that I can modify via samba and not through directly through the folder/network drive in the android folder structure.

    Appreciate any thoughts on how to get this working. One other point, when I utilize the samba client I do have to enter a username and password. When I use CIFS I also have to enter a user name and password, but am curious if when an application tries to save a file to the folder/drive it is pushing through a different user name and password? In either case, I did enable full access to everyone on the network share.

  2. palmtree5

    palmtree5 Sunny Vacation Supporter! Moderator

    I would recommend ES File Explorer, which has the ability to connect to LAN shares.
  3. basil5303

    basil5303 New Member

    [I would recommend ES File Explorer, which has the ability to connect to LAN shares. ]

    The challenge with ES file explorer is that my apps can not go through this. If I want my apps to be able to directly write to the network folder, it has to be within the android file structure.
  4. itdeptandroid

    itdeptandroid New Member

    Basil5303 where you able to find an answer for this. I am trying to do the exact same thing.

  5. basil5303

    basil5303 New Member

    I did find a solution, used CIFSManager (requires root) in the play store, works fairly well and I can mount an external hard drive as an android folder.

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