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  1. lRadioKillerl

    lRadioKillerl New Member

    So my friend got a new evo and guess what? It has a dedicated camera shutter button on the touchscreen. Brilliant. I absolutly hate using the trackball on my hero to take pictures. It just doesnt work. I know you can hold down the screen to take a picture, but that takes like 2 minutes to capture.

    So im trying to either do 1. Find the evo camera apk, which probably wont work with the hero, or 2. remap the the hero hard keys to take a picture (say the volume keys).

    So for moving the camera button to the volume keys I would say that I only 5% know what Im doing. I am rooted running Aloysius custom ROM (great!) but that doesnt mean that I am an android guru. I have read to change the key layout under system/usr/keylayout heroc-keypad.kl
    but Im not sure how to get there

    can anyone show me the way?

  2. You lost me at remapping the keys. Homey don't play dat.
  3. tatonka_Hero

    tatonka_Hero Well-Known Member

    seems like having only a dedicated spot on the touchscreen for your shutter would make it really hard to take a picture of yourself using the good camera
  4. Sixxx

    Sixxx Well-Known Member

    CameraZoom FX uses either the trackball or the screen to take a picture and it takes all of 2 seconds for it to take the picture, same as doing it with the trackball.
  5. lRadioKillerl

    lRadioKillerl New Member

    I dont take any pictures of myself, I know thats why people like the trackball but I dont intend to use the camera that way.

    tried the other camera apps from the market, even bought one (Vendetta) and got a refund. Most of those crop instead of zoom and/or take forever to process.

    So I guess I should just go buy an EVO. or.... use the trackball
  6. lRadioKillerl

    lRadioKillerl New Member

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