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Music going to Bluetooth instead of car radio

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  1. haldroidx

    haldroidx Active Member

    When driving, I have my Droid X's audio output plugged into my car's radio, the radio's source is set to AUX, and my tunes play through the radio. So far, so good.

    Then I bought the BlueAnt S4 Bluetooth phone device so I can make and receive calls while I'm driving. Also fine--except that now the phone is also sending my music to the BlueAnt device.

    On the phone, under Settings, Wireless & Networking, Bluetooth Settings, I discovered that I can open up an options screen for the BlueAnt device. It lists two profiles, Phone and Media, both of which were originally checked. Happy to have found this, I unchecked the checkbox next to Media.

    But my music is still coming through the BlueAnt device.

    I powered the phone off and restarted it. No change, even though the Media profile has remained unchecked.

    Any solutions?

  2. fratermus

    fratermus Well-Known Member

    Have you tried turning off the Ant until after the car stereo has connected? It sure seems like Android is ignoring your setting of "phone" only for that BT device.
  3. Munnarg

    Munnarg Well-Known Member

    I wish I could help as I have the same S4 but I never have this issue. I actually have the phone audio going to the S4 and the media audio going to my stereo via Bluetooth as well. Did you install the S4 application on your phone as well? Not sure if that might help but I did and I have no issues.
  4. haldroidx

    haldroidx Active Member

    Yes, I've done that. I've got music playing through the sound system, and then turn on the S4--and suddenly the music is coming out of the S4. And then when I turn the S4 off, the music player on the Droid X stops!
  5. haldroidx

    haldroidx Active Member

    Yes, I have the S4 app. All it seems to do is give you a single interface for executing the same functions you can execute without it.
  6. haldroidx

    haldroidx Active Member

    That seems odd given the response I received from BlueAnt once I decided to write to them despite expecting that the problem was with the phone's software. They wrote:

    Unfortunately, the S4

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