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Music Streaming Quality (Browse All)

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  1. REKX

    REKX New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 12, 2010
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    thinking about getting a touch screen phone.

    i really wana get iphone 4 its so nice, but there doesnt seem to be much support for iphone.

    i have been recomended to get htc desire. my main uses are calling, texting and streaming music wirelessly in my car through bluetooth.

    i have an amped sub in my car and amped front speakers, so sound quality is very important for me, especially is slightly louder volumes.

    i currently use a sony ericsson phone for music streaming and the sound quality is excellent, with no loss of quality even at high volumes.

    but i noticed my friends htc's music streaming just didnt sound as good, just sounded more flat.

    if i get the htc, would there be anything i can do to improve the sound quality over bluetooth steaming?...

    or shall i just get the iphone?...


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