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  1. buzzcon

    buzzcon Well-Known Member Contributor

    With the recent developments, mainly the announcement that the Triumph wont receive an upgraded ROM, I sent my final message to Motorola. I am a small guppy in a big pond, but I know many guppies who know other guppies and I hope I can be part of Motorola's demise. I realize Virgin Mobile has a part in this as well, but I gotta start somewhere.


  2. fusionice

    fusionice Active Member

    I think everyone should do something similar to this, I know you motivated me to do the same...
  3. g60madman

    g60madman Well-Known Member Developer

    Hence I bought the HTC :) Motorola can burn for all I care!
  4. chilz

    chilz Well-Known Member

    lol i already stopped about 10 people from buying moto products when i explained how they basically ripped us off bye not supplying a fully functional phone or at least giving our devs an op with the source code to do it instead they want to try and screw our devs
  5. treysmith

    treysmith Well-Known Member

    Motorola refusing to except Motorola Triumph as their phone.
    Don't hold your breath, because the Triumph isn't a real Motorola.

    I'm currently runnning the Evo V 4G Android version 4.0.3 ICS with HTC Sense 3.6
    And yes the system updates.

    I'm also currently running the Boost Mobile LG Venice with 4.0.4 ICS
    And yes the system updates too.

    I'm still keeping my Motorola Triumph, because CM7 Rom still a loud me to tether and Wi-Fi for free.

    I appreciate devs for making CM7 and CM9 beta.
    Thanks devs for y'all hard work.
  6. Yakuman

    Yakuman Member

    Is it worth paying the extra $10 a month to lose a grandfathered plan?

    This isn't really a Motorola phone. It's a rebranded model that doesn't have the usual company branding and the Motoblur interface. And that it is approaching the end of its retail shelf life, I can see why they didn't.

    Also,Motorola Mobility has been absorbed into Google since the phone came out, so it is not really the same company anymore.
  7. Skratte

    Skratte Well-Known Member

    If your looking to lose your grandfathered $25 plan, I would consider moving to Ting.

    Ting is a MNVO that uses the SPrint network also, but their plans run a little different. Check out the site. I switched 3 months ago from VM and haven't looked back.

    I have 2 phones on Ting, one being a cloned Nexus S 4G (YES, they allow and even encourage cloning phones) the Nexus is my duaghter's away at college (3000 txt messages last month) and my bill hasn't been over $40.

    Ting has access to Sprint's LTE now, plus they roam on Verizon when out of Sprint's network.

    If you have any questions, hit me up here or PM.
  8. buzzcon

    buzzcon Well-Known Member Contributor

    Already received a reply from them. They don't seem to be to concerned about lil' ole me. Their $100 offer is totally useless for VM users.

    ATRIX 4G?

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  9. rcsrich

    rcsrich Well-Known Member

    Excellent...smiling at you & shaking your hand while they shove a knife into your gut.
  10. Bull Shark

    Bull Shark Active Member

    Here's what I just sent them:

    "I just wanted to let you know that your failure to properly support the Motorola Triumph has convinced me to move on the another phone manufacturer, and not only never buy another Motorola product, but also make sure that others know of my disappointment with Motorola. I understand this is a hybrid device that was manufactured for a prepaid carrier, but this does not release you from knowingly ignoring the pleas of the very dedicated owners of this phone. The Triumph was released with an outdated ROM, and never offered an upgrade to a more recent ROM, which it is more than capable of running. You have even ignored numerous requests to release the source code, so that the very talented, and unpaid developers could make a fully functioning Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich ROM. This act alone would have cost you nothing, but at the same time will cost you everything. You will respond to me by reminding me of the $100 rebate that has been offered to upgrade to a new device. There are two reasons this is an invalid offer. First, I would have to sign a long term contract and end up paying exponentially over the term of the contract compared to what I can receive from numerous prepaid carriers. Secondly, you have proven that you do not care about your customers, and will not fully support your product and the needs of the product's owners. Therefore I have no desire to own another Motorola product. If you are unsure where I am coming from, pick up a stock Triumph and find one running the latest version of Cyanogen Mod 9. You will be blown away at what this phone is capable of, and hopefully understand the disappointment of your customers who paid up to $300 for a phone that was turned away from as soon as it hit the market. Thank you for your time."

    I doubt it will do any good, but I wanted to be heard.
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  11. Bull Shark

    Bull Shark Active Member

    Received the exact same response that buzzcon did, word for word. I responded back that I would at least like a real response, not just some canned pre-typed BS that I've already seen from another android forums user.
  12. xploPR

    xploPR Well-Known Member Contributor

    Lol move on people, at the end you will feel good.
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  13. Bull Shark

    Bull Shark Active Member

    I am moving on, getting a galaxy s2 with a different carrier next week, just saying my peace with Motorola before I go, and just possibly helping those who are sticking with the Triumph. It's a small chance, but the more they hear from us the more they might listen.
  14. odojoe

    odojoe Well-Known Member

    Well, at least Motorola sold us a phone that is just about impossible to brick.
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  15. buzzcon

    buzzcon Well-Known Member Contributor

    Motorola asked me to take a survey about my latest correspondence with them, and this is what I added in the comments area:

    I am currently considering switching carriers and ditching VM as I figure they are part of the problem as well. I hope they leave me alone now!
  16. Bull Shark

    Bull Shark Active Member

    I got the same survey, and I made my statement very clear again as well. I am switching carriers, going to the Family Mobile plan through T-Mobile/Walmart.
  17. jamesd1085

    jamesd1085 Well-Known Member

    Got 2 galaxy s 3s from wal-mart for under 100$ with Verizon... stable cm10 with cam...couldn't turn it down...will still be poppin in to see what's going on my triumph to my dad and will keep other for awhile...don't know why...just hard to part with an old friend...good luck guys!
  18. buzzcon

    buzzcon Well-Known Member Contributor

    My daughter has the 3S and it's a nice phone. I personally have had great luck with Samsung products. There is absolutely no way I will sign a 2 year contract with any carrier. It's set up so the carrier has a win win situation with nothing but a service promise from them to the subscriber and a threat to penalize anyone who cancels early. This should be illegal. I am on a limited budget and could afford a contract like this but if we have something break, like lets say the furness goes TU, I would not be able to make the phone payment. At least with VM I can restart my plan next month without repercussion.
  19. AnakiMana

    AnakiMana Active Member

    I'm happy with Virgin Mobile. I brag about having it to my friends and family that are paying Verizon over $100/mo and still running out of data.

    The stock Motorola ROM was pretty bad, but CM7 has been great. It's not perfect; HDMI doesn't work, the touchscreen is somewhat annoying (cheap hardware? Not CM7's fault I'm sure) but I paid hundreds of dollars 11 months ago. I'm going to make the most of my money, and keep marveling at the great job our awesome developers here have done in transforming a below-average outdated and abandoned Motorola Triumph into a souped-up updated community-supported (always better IMO) CyanogenMod Triumph, which I think works quite nicely.

    Shame on Motorola over and over again. Long-live the community!
  20. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    The thing about the developers is they are part of the community. That's personal motovation and why I like open source. Now if I could just figure out why every other build won't boot...:confused:

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