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  1. davido-23

    davido-23 New Member


    I'm new to the "Smartphone", a couple of months ago I got a brand new Samsung Galaxy S 8gb phone and I really like it... but recently I ahve noticed that in the morning it has turned itself off... so I thought the battery had run out... as it wouldn't turn back on. The only way to get it going is to take the battery out! and when I put it back in it showed to be at 71%. This has happened a few times.

    Have I got a dodgy phone or do I have some setting wrong?:confused:

    Please can you help as this was quite expensive!!:eek:


  2. davido-23

    davido-23 New Member

    Can anyone help?

    M.JOHNSON New Member

    I have same problem after upgrading to gingerbread 2.3.4 (xxjpv)
  4. b_d

    b_d Active Member

    Which version do you have? 2.2.3 or 2.3.3?
  5. davido-23

    davido-23 New Member

    It came with Gingerbread.xxjvo pre-installed... It says 2.3.3 in about phone...

    Any ideas?

  6. 350Rocket

    350Rocket Well-Known Member

    My sister has had this happen as well as many other bugs since I updated hers to 2.3.3. Hoping someone finds a solution cause I feel bad. I was trying to do her a favor and now her phone is all messed up.
  7. CDHphoto

    CDHphoto New Member

    I just received my phone today and I am also new to the smartphone. Everything was hunkydory until I tried to use bluetooth to transfer my contacts from my old phone. My phone kept switching itself off everytime I tried to set the bluetooth up. I had just installed some android apps, task killer, photo stuff, couple of games, live wallpapers etc. I have now uninstalled all of these and the phone has been fine since. I can only assume that one of the apps was causing some sort of conflict, so maybe I`ll start installing them back on one at a time and keep checking to see whether the issue returns. :confused:
  8. davido-23

    davido-23 New Member

    That's really interesting... thankyou... I have also got Advanced Task Killer installed, I removed it this morning and will see what happens... so far my phone hasn't turned itself off!! cheers.

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