My GS5 problems. (I switched from Iphone 4, so I have some preferences that I want back :()Support

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  1. Morketh

    Morketh Active Member

    I have a few problems that I would like to get solved.

    2. When I receive an email\text\missed call\facebook message notification I would like them to show up on my locked screen with a preview of the message as well as who was the missed call from as you know happens on the iphone. By default this is not happening on my galaxy S5 and I have looked in the notification settings and do not see a spot to correct this.

    3. When I receive a message through facebook messenger, the notification sound is about 2 minutes late whereas it was instant on my iphone. Is there some preference I need to look at to get this to be instant? Emails and everything else is instant.

    4. When I receive an email and the phone is on vibrate, that has to be the loudest longest vibrate notification I have ever seen, it is just an email, I want a small half a second vibrate noise for an email. Is there a way to change this? My iphone does that automatically I never had to change it, it has long vibrate for phone calls and text and short vibrate for emails and other less important notifications.

    5. When I go to unlock my phone, I have to put the pin in and then press OK. I would much rather be able to swipe, enter pin and then phone unlocks like an iphone, no need to press OK. Is there anyway to set it like that? (I have microsoft exchange work email on my phone so it requires me to use a PIN.)

    7. When receiving an email, it shows the email icon that stays at the top of the phone and also the light blinks when the phone is locked to let me know there is a pending email to be read. Okay dude, I know that, I would like it to blink and stay up there until I unlock the phone. I dont need it to keep blinking forever and a day. I'd actually prefer it only blink until the phone is unlocked, then obviously i know there is a message pending.

  2. Mittar

    Mittar Well-Known Member

  3. Morketh

    Morketh Active Member

    Well that helps me with my lock screen issue, though I was hoping an app was not necessary to get notifications to show on the lock screen :(
    There are a few complaints about it being slow and also the notifications showing up delayed. Im going to try this out and see how it works out for me, thanks for your help.
  4. mruno

    mruno Well-Known Member

    For #6, that setting is set up by your exchange administrator. Only he or she can change it to something other than a pin.
  5. Morketh

    Morketh Active Member

    Thank you, I thought as much, but was curious.
  6. Mittar

    Mittar Well-Known Member

    I don't get the slow notifications so I can't help you there.

    It's only natural that the way that Android handles things is going to be different from the way iPhone handles them, it's it's own unique OS environment, despite what the legal wranglings would have you believe. In the end, I'd say find as many ways to customize things the way you want it and live with it for a few weeks. In the end, you might just be happier with iOS, but hopefully once you adjust, you'll see all the benefits to Android that we rave about.
  7. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    I know that using a third party messaging app like Handcent will give you the option for screen on notifications for texts, not sure on the other ones though.

    I've only ever seen this feature enabled on certain custom roms, so I'm not sure if it's available on the stock rom.
  8. AdamWyson

    AdamWyson New Member

    This was kind of funny because I found this forum because I wanted the opposite. I am beyond annoyed that my locked screen tells me I have 5 missed calls and 8 texts and it won't go away until I actually go in and look at them. I'm cool with the texts but I want to get rid of the missed calls notification. The great thing about droid is it is completely customizable. Just remember, when you had Iphone you HAD to do what the iphone Gods said was best for you. I've learned from the last 2 years that I could never go back to iphone. Back button, swipe text and my phone size are just life to me. Anytime I pick up an iphone i'm like what the hell is this small thing an mp3 player? NE ways.

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