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Support Need to recover bricked flipside

  1. maxleonca

    maxleonca New Member

    Yes, I manage to brick it.
    Now I need to try and recover it. Please bear with me since I want to be thorough.
    The facts:
    flipside running froyo 2.2.2
    Rooted with superoneclick
    Ran deblur script from http ://www.xda-developers.com/android/universal-de-blur-script-brings-clarity-to-most-motorola-devices/
    Brick the bastard.
    Yes I read a bit to late about backing up the ROM, huge mistake but now is done.

    I can boot in recovery mode, so I tried a factory reset to no avail, tried uploading the Blur_Version.2.159.17.MB508.ATT.en.US.zip from motorola site but I get a "(Status 2)" error and the installation is aborted.

    I have found the SAGE_U3_10.23.20_SIGNATT_USASAGE02B25ND0ATTNA02E.0R_PDS001_SAGEATT_P033_HWp4_1FF.sbf.gz wich is supposed to be the original firmware but with a warning that if the Froyo update was installed it will brick the phone if used so I have hold my horses there and decided to ask someone who can give me advice.

    So please, any of it is welcome.


    New development..

    I shutdown the phone but decided to keep the battery fully charged and it boot once I connect it to the computer.
    And it started up and the motoblur wizard was there. I input my account and added a google account and even got a message about voicemail with I listen to.
    But nothing else, when I reboot it again, it went into the bootloader screen and is stuck there.

  2. maxleonca

    maxleonca New Member

    OK this is odd, I have a phone that "works" but has no UI.
    Can anyone pass along a backup of the official Froyo rom for the flipside, please?

    Thank you.
  3. d1r3vv0lf

    d1r3vv0lf New Member

    I have the exact same issue. I can get to the recovery screen, but can't load anything.

    I've managed to get to the phone (motoblur) setup a couple of times, but after going through the wizard and clicking done it goes back to the beginning again asking me for motoblur in a perpetual loop.

    Did you ever find a solution?
  4. d1r3vv0lf

    d1r3vv0lf New Member

    Oh, and I HAVE tried the official ROM for Froyo, I saved it months ago when the update came out.

    That's the file that gives the "Status 2" failure.

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