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Need urgent help with 3G setting/networkSupport

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    Hi everyone!
    Its great to be a member here. I bought my Galaxy recently but today I ran into a problem that I hope I can get resovled.
    It happened I believe while using a couple of apps I downloaded called :
    TOGGLE DATA and APNdroid
    I wanted to use the function that would allow me to have an icon to turn on and off my 3G network
    But something happened, and now I cant seem to know where to turn on 3G internet. WiFi still works fine but I cant seem to find where to get 3G activated?
    I have since deleted those 2 apps for the time being until I get my connection back

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks a lot!

  2. retrorom

    retrorom Well-Known Member

    maybe in settings --networks --network connections

    there should be an option to switch connections
  3. Darkplek

    Darkplek Well-Known Member

    If you deleted APNdroid whilst it was "turned off" your settings will probably still be wrong.... Don't think i've used toggle data.

    Settings -> Mobile Network Settings -> Access Point Names

    And check that the letters "apndroid" arent still appended to the end of the address. IF they are, get rid of them :p. That's how apndroid works, it makes the APN invalid.

    There isn't an actual option to turn off data entirely in android 2.1. Although in 2.2 there should be...

    Although there's a setting to choose only 2G, so check that isnt on in Settings -> Mobile Network Settings.

    Sometimes took me quite a while for the data to start working again after toggling with APNdroid.


    I see no where to switch between the 2 under "Wireless and network"
    These are the options that are displayed:

    Flight mode

    Wifi settings

    Mobile AP


    USB settings

    VPN settings

    Mobile networks

    3G data call settings
  5. Darkplek

    Darkplek Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, my bad, click Mobile Networks, then Use only 2G networks on/off.

    I'm sure you could have found that though :p


    Oh thanks, that seems to be what is displayed

    But how do I edit the APN's to delete the end section of the address?
  7. Darkplek

    Darkplek Well-Known Member

    Well, once you've navigated to Settings -> Mobile Network Settings -> Access Point Names, press the APN which needs to be fixed. All the settings will show up, so press the arrow beside APN (second top setting), and the keyboard will show up and you can just delete apndroid off the end...

    Save that, give it a minute, and hopefully your data will start working again.


    Thanks so much!
    I got it working again:D
  9. Darkplek

    Darkplek Well-Known Member

    Good stuff :p you're welcome. Glad that sorted it out.
  10. thorh

    thorh New Member

    Thanks heaps. been trying to get my 3g back for days.

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