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[NEEDED] Replacement LCD infoGeneral

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  1. CalvinAmI

    CalvinAmI New Member

    Hey gang,
    Does anyone know the model/serial number on the LCD for the Pantech Breakout? Mine works, but is cracked and I need to find one one ebay :eek:

  2. CalvinAmI

    CalvinAmI New Member

    I disassembled the phone and here are the numbers/letters on the back of the LCD:

    1I40ALX (could be 1I4OALX)

    Any tips on finding one online?
    I have already searched ebay to no avail.

    Thanks gang!

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  3. ill sell you my whole phone for $45 shiped if i cant get it fixed - the boot screen comes up so i can verify no lcd issues
  4. shoot me a pm
  5. CalvinAmI

    CalvinAmI New Member

    LCD not needed now.
    I got one on ebay for $29 =)
  6. hans252

    hans252 New Member

    hello, i also have a broken lcd.Do you if the seller have another one available??

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