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New? START HERE BEFORE ASKING!!!! (The mostly noob proof guide....) UPDATED

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  1. fixitpete

    fixitpete Well-Known Member

    Nice thread! Can you delete the associated odex files as well?

  2. asadullah

    asadullah Well-Known Member

    search for auto deodexer it'll do it for you
  3. nomorefear

    nomorefear Well-Known Member

    hey asadullah, do you mean: this?

    and I would totally appreciate finding the correct person to nag so we can get this thread stickied so that we can most likely have some newb-age questions answered....

    oh and thanks again to everyone out there because I am super grateful to have such awesome cyber friends
  4. jabbawest

    jabbawest Well-Known Member

    I appreciate the terminology quick hits and I do understand that NAND flash memory is my phone's hard drive but what data/system state info would I be restoring from a backup?

    Courtesy of NAND Memory definition (Phone Scoop)
  5. nomorefear

    nomorefear Well-Known Member

    Literally everything... Just like a save state of zelda or fallout for example- you dont boot up a saved game to an empty inventory.... the nand backup will put you right back where you started

    best way to put it is like its a cryogenic freeze for your phone
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  6. omgbossis21

    omgbossis21 Well-Known Member

  7. jabbawest

    jabbawest Well-Known Member

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  8. nomorefear

    nomorefear Well-Known Member

    I made this post and can update but how do I sticky it?
  9. jabbawest

    jabbawest Well-Known Member

    That would be up to the moderators but If it's a full and concise posting, with regards to all things root for the LG Optimus M, I'm pretty sure they'd consider making it a sticky.
    Personally, I like all in one informative posts and you have a really good start with yours.
    Too many n00bs, like myself, have to search through so much to find all the nomenclature, usually scattered hither and yon, needed to understand what it is that we're about to get into.
  10. thunderkiss65

    thunderkiss65 Well-Known Member

    lol i literally started laughing when you said WHEN YOU NOOB UP YOUR PHONE lol
  11. nomorefear

    nomorefear Well-Known Member

    @thunderkiss- I hope you enjoy this guide because I like being a bit funny while being informative. If you notice at the bottom of that post when I edit it I usually try to be funny as well like this: Last edited by nomorefear; June 1st, 2011 at 04:32 AM. Reason: how to remove partition off sd card bitches! :p
  12. thunderkiss65

    thunderkiss65 Well-Known Member

    Seriously though I think what you have posted is great
    My phone was all noobed up at one time. Thanks to a few on here and my patients I am on cm7 and love the performance of the phone. When I was all noobed up I just wish I would have seen this. What you have posted is great.
  13. nomorefear

    nomorefear Well-Known Member

    I wanted to make a post that anyone can go to and use so they can become a better user. Some people on here dont like to read however....
  14. itsjperez

    itsjperez Member

    Do I have to keep the flash_image, custom recovery, rom files I downloaded inside of my sd card for everything to stay working? Or Can I just delete them cause they're taking up alot of room and it's bugging me. Thaaaanks.

    P.s. I know I must keep the nand backup files I made, but do I need to keep them ON the sd card, too? Or do they really need to be on it for me to use in case anything were to happen?
  15. nomorefear

    nomorefear Well-Known Member

    you can take flash_image off but keep nand on just in case. that is your save file....
  16. itsjperez

    itsjperez Member

    Okay, and what about the recovery file and rom I'm using? Those take up quite some space. (I only have a 2gb memory card -__-) Thank you for the quick reply
  17. nomorefear

    nomorefear Well-Known Member

    Delete them but if you tinker with your phone like a lot of us then you might wanna keep the rom on the sdcard
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  18. Jrdroid

    Jrdroid Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I'm getting an Optimus M in about a day or two, I was just wondering If I follow this guide, will everything work correctly??

    I really just want to remove the bloatware that comes with the phone and that's really it. Once the phone is rooted, should I do a Nand backup before I DELETE anything?

    Also, once i do delete the bloatware off the phone, and I use the NAND backup to restore the phone that should bring the phone back to STOCK right?

    Sorry for the dumb questions...
  19. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

    There are two ways to go about it:
    Deletion: Using this method, you HAVE to make a NAND backup because system files don't always play nice when trying to get them back onto the phone. Factory Reset will not restore deleted files so you will need the NAND backup to return the phone to stock.

    Freezing: This method only involves rooting at the least. You can use Titanium Backup Pro to disable/freeze bloatware. As long as you only freeze what you're allowed to, you won't have any problems. You can Factory Reset at will using the standard button commands.
  20. Jrdroid

    Jrdroid Well-Known Member

    Okay, that makes much more sense. Also lets say I want to unroot the phone later down the road. Does the NAND backup restore the phone how it was before it was rooted, or how it was when it was first rooted?
  21. marip71

    marip71 New Member

    Hello, Just rooted my Dell Streak 7 (wi-fi) with Gingerbreak and it looks like I did it. How do I get the market to see it as Honeycomb. Sorry if this is a repeat question. Thanks!!!
  22. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

    Yes you can unroot and return the phone to stock with either option, you'll just have a little more to do with the NAND route.
    This is the Optimus M forum. You'd have better luck here: Dell Streak (Mini 5) - Android Forums
  23. sandpipershore

    sandpipershore Active Member

    I hope someone can help.
    I'm on osx, if that matters.
    I have been working on trying to create a safe recovery point, and after following a few times through reading carefully, I entered the six lines of command into terminal, following to the letter (and spaces) the instructions provided in the post explaining how to install joneidy's custom recovery menu.
    After holding down power, home and vol. down, I have a completely reset system, with superuser in my apps, but the whole thing is just box-fresh.
    What is going on, and what can I do to get this rooted and keep on moving with using my phone?
  24. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

  25. sandpipershore

    sandpipershore Active Member

    thanks for your quick reply, Darnell :D - see, those are two of the guides I followed, and did so to the letter. Which was a clusterfluff since, when in terminal, entering in all the code for Joneidy's custom menu was a civil war between my phone and I. I managed to enter in all the lines without problem, except with the second line [ cat /sdcard/flash_image > /system/bin/flash_image ], which got me the message 'cannot be found/error', or something close to that. The same message came in response to the 'mv/system', etc, but that, as it says under joneidy's post, should not be a problem.

    I have a mac with osx, and I do not have access to my old windows xp dell, so I do not have access to c:// or run. This should be possible, rooting, custom recovery and annihilation of all bloatware/custom rom, using mac/osx, I am fairly positive.

    I can list (as specifically as possible) the steps I took, the programs I put onto my sd, and why for the life of me I do not still understand what 'must be on device not sd' means... I can also link you (or anyone who chooses to respond to this, to which... thank you :D ... ), to all the pages and threads I've been reading.

    If anyone has questions of me that might help them explain to me what is happening here, or how I can fix this, please don't hesitate. I really do thank you and anyone (Darnell, thanks already, again) for anyone who might have helped in the end.

    Good news, all of my contacts are still here, as are my custom ringtones (great gig in the sky!!), but all of my apps and settings, as I was warned at some point, were kaput. That is fine, I can fix that in good time.

    Ok, that was the fallout, and those were some issues I had. Using Gingerbreak 1.20.apk, flash_image.zip, joneidy's custom recovery for 2.2.1 (I have the out of box froyo for metro pcs), recovery optm-ra-gnm, and recovery_thunder are all on my sd. I don't know what it means, or at least, how to move them to my device, or, in other cases where it says, to the root of my sd, how to do that either. I know what it is to move to the root, which is, as the dictionary above states, is the most base or 'most open' folder, right?

    Ok, that's more than enough for now. Thanks a lot (really :D ...) for taking your time to read this.

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