New update after Jelly Bean - 3.14.401.31 (14.19 MB)General

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  1. Trollatoppan

    Trollatoppan Well-Known Member

    Anyone else got it?


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  2. Wilkas

    Wilkas Well-Known Member

    Just done a check and I've got it... just says bug fixes and system enhancement
  3. Trollatoppan

    Trollatoppan Well-Known Member

    Added screen-shot to OP
  4. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    After the update I had some hope that HTC might have corrected that miscarried USB mass storage behavior of JB ... :D

  5. GingerRob

    GingerRob Well-Known Member

    Just got it myself. Anybody know what the update does?
  6. Wilkas

    Wilkas Well-Known Member

    A few people who were suffering lag have said it's sorted it, some battery issues sorted but tbh I haven't noticed any difference... might have to turn google now back on and see how the battery holds up now.
  7. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    Still waiting on jelly beans! Thank you at&t!
  8. anoniemouse

    anoniemouse Well-Known Member

    I got it at 9.15 this morning, didn't even need to check for it (thought i was dreaming & was in another country):D
  9. Wilkas

    Wilkas Well-Known Member

    Following Mr Spoon has finally paid off for you :D
  10. cupraman

    cupraman Active Member

    Just done the update and my battery jumped from 26% to 47%! Not sure what it means but hope it's for the better. Just done some benchmarking and scores for quadrant and antutu have jumped up.
  11. anoniemouse

    anoniemouse Well-Known Member

    Well it certainly felt like button moon when i got that update, didn't have to wait days after the rest of Europe for once.
    Maybe HTC finally realized that the UK is part of Europe after all. :D
  12. clio197

    clio197 Member

    I just want JB 1st - come on O2 pull ya finger out
  13. Hoppy

    Hoppy Well-Known Member

    Got the same update at 13.00 did have to check for it. Not yet seen any changes?????
  14. Rik Mayall

    Rik Mayall Well-Known Member

    I've only just got the JB update today and am quite impressed so far i have to say. However after checking for this follow up update it says no updates available? Could it be that they have incorporated it into the main JB update?
  15. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Are you on Orange or unbranded? Orange handsets were upgraded today so that's what your update might have been.
  16. Rik Mayall

    Rik Mayall Well-Known Member

    Yeah Orange carrier (on 3mobile). I was mainly asking about the small update after JB?

    I realise that i've had the JB update today but im led to believe that there is a smaller update also that has just been released to sort any bugs etc with JB? However when i check for it , it says no updates available??

    Thanks :)
  17. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I don't think so, I know Orange like to test stuff pretty extensively before releasing it so the update you got today will probably be the update unbranded folk got a few weeks back. I doubt they'd have incorporated this weeks update in to theirs, sorry.
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  18. Nasalhair

    Nasalhair Well-Known Member

    Could the update already be in the Orange update? After all, this update is taking unbranded handsets to, whereas the Orange update is - a higher version. (Apologies if this is a really dumb question.)
  19. NaNaNiii

    NaNaNiii Active Member

    Anyone on VODAP102 got the update?
  20. 12.5EVO3

    12.5EVO3 Member

    Right ive just done this update and has installed JB 4.1.1

    I didn't really want this how can I get back to where I started from. Will a reset fix this?

  21. Rik Mayall

    Rik Mayall Well-Known Member

    I got another smaller update last night it said battery optimization and camera app update. Something about improving the camera in standby mode??? Didn't make any sense to me?

    Is this the smaller update that we are talking about in this thread?
  22. Trollatoppan

    Trollatoppan Well-Known Member

    Well, how big was the update and what version number?
  23. Rik Mayall

    Rik Mayall Well-Known Member

    I can't remember and i didn't do a screen grab or anything. Is there any way of checking recent updates to find out?
  24. franners

    franners Well-Known Member

    Mine said application updates available to Camera and People. This after clicking Software Updates check now is OS not play store or anything. No normal android OS update prompt (wifi /cable etc) at all . Branded on Orange with JB already.
  25. Rik Mayall

    Rik Mayall Well-Known Member

    Ah, i already did the people update a few days ago manually from the htc support site so i only had the camera update today then, cheers for that.

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