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Nexus S - Limited Edition (Google Employee Model)

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  1. notMordecai

    notMordecai Member

    Selling my limited edition Nexus S I won straight from Google last fall. I won this phone by completing the very first puzzle Google's Nexus Team put on their twitter.



    This phone comes in nearly mint condition despite having been used for nearly a year. The android plate was on there the entire time but is not warped, damaged, or scratched in any way. The regular black plastic back is mint and has been inside the box the entire time. The screen is flawless thanks to Gorilla Glass.

    Comes with Stock Android 2.3.6 and will most definitely get Ice Cream Sandwich once that is released.

    Phone has not been unlocked or otherwise messed with in anyway.

    Comes with everything you'd need to head down to a T-Mo store (or any carrier if you want to unlock it) to get this up and running on day one. Not pictured (but I can if you want me to) but it also comes with unused earphones (still in packaging) and original charger.

    Asking for $400 (plus paypal fees) shipped with insurance, tracking, etc.

  2. notMordecai

    notMordecai Member

    Phone and vanilla back plate has been sold.

    Currently in talk with a user for the android backplate. If anyone would like to throw out offers for it, you are more than welcome to.
  3. lewblue83

    lewblue83 Well-Known Member

    paypal sent for android battery cover.

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