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  1. SFBayArea

    SFBayArea Well-Known Member

    Got it now. Thank you!

  2. scooter1942

    scooter1942 Well-Known Member

    how hard do these tags stick? id like to put one on the table next to my bed, but im renting a room right now, and the table isnt mine, so im wondering how easily they come off.
  3. Ches111

    Ches111 Well-Known Member

    You do not even need to stick them to anything for them to work. You can just leave the wax like paper on the back and leave it sitting on the table. Just an option.
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  4. scooter1942

    scooter1942 Well-Known Member

    d'oh. never even thought of that... thanks
  5. DaytonaZ33

    DaytonaZ33 Well-Known Member

    On my Verizon S3, every time I scan an NFC tag it gives me a popup stating something along the lines of "About to open browser. Continue?" However the same tags do not cause this popup on my friends' AT&T S3. What gives? Anyone know how to get it to just do the action and not ask me to confirm it each time?
  6. akita

    akita Well-Known Member

    You should read page one of this thread
  7. scrabbley

    scrabbley Active Member

    I can turn mobile data on/off using an NFC tag and NFC Task Launcher... and my phone is not rooted. That worried me when I saw you needed a rooted phone to do that on the app description, but maybe you can on an S3. I'm not sure if I should be able to do that or not!
  8. scrabbley

    scrabbley Active Member

    I use my NFC tags with NFC Task Launcher (which I got for free from Google Play, but others say it is a paid app) to do the following:

    1. Bedside table: 1st touch turns off Sync, Notification volume to 0, Alarm volume to max, Brightness down very low - 2nd touch restores all those settings. I tried to get it to turn off the LED light for notifications as well but it doesn't work, it seems Samsung messed with the LED and it won't work on the S3.

    2. At work: 1st touch turns volumes down to 0, vibrate off, brightness low, connects to work Wifi, disables mobile data, launches so I can see my to-do list. 2nd touch turns volumes back up, brightness to auto for when I go outside, enables mobile data and sends an SMS to let family know I'm on the way home.

    3. In the car: 1st touch turns notification and media volume up, turns Wifi off, puts phone in Car Mode. It needs to be in car mode to trigger a Tasker profile I set up which mimics the S3s Driving Mode, since NFC Task Launcher can't toggle Driving Mode. 2nd touch turns media and notification volume down, toggles media playback and turns Car Mode off.
  9. corybantic

    corybantic Well-Known Member

    I've placed two individual NFC tags on my desk. On one side I have a tag that reduces the volume of my phone so, if I do have a phone call, it won't be too loud that it'll disturb my co-workers. On the other side of my desk, I placed another tag that - at the end of the work day - I pass my phone over and it restores my phone volume to max.
  10. DaytonaZ33

    DaytonaZ33 Well-Known Member

  11. stonesthrow

    stonesthrow Member

    Why didn't you just put that on one tag?

    I just have one right now by my front door so when I leave the house it turns wifi off, mobile data on, screen brightness and volume max. Then when I get home it turns my wifi back on, mobile data off and turns on auto brightness.
  12. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    You can only toggle ringer state (ring, vibrate, silent) not volume level.
  13. SFBayArea

    SFBayArea Well-Known Member

    I would love to do the same thing, but I think you have to touch the sticker everytime you walk in and out of the door, right? I guess, it would be wonderful if NFC could pick up as far as few feet at least so you don't have to actually touch the sticker.
  14. SFBayArea

    SFBayArea Well-Known Member

    I am on Verizon, and while I am still waiting for my tags to arrive I am afraid I may have the same issue. I re-read this whole thread and did not find any other reference to the Verizon issue.
  15. stonesthrow

    stonesthrow Member

    It doesn't have to touch, they have an inch or two of range. Which doesnt sound like a lot but means you don't have to actually put the phone down and pick it back up. I almost just swipe it on the counter on my way in and out. It is a little annoying that the phone has to be unlocked though.
  16. SFBayArea

    SFBayArea Well-Known Member

    Oo didn't know that the phone needs to be unlocked to have those tags register with the phone :-(. It seems to me that NFC system is not yet up to the 21st century :). I am almost convinced to abandon NFC idea and use a tasker application such as timeriffic or something similar.
  17. scrabbley

    scrabbley Active Member

    You don't need to toggle. Using NFC Task Launcher you can set the tags with a 'switch' function so on the first touch it does one set of instructions and on the next touch it does a different set of instructions. See my examples up above.
  18. scrabbley

    scrabbley Active Member

    It's an android thing not an nfc thing, the nfc chip can only be active when the phone is unlocked. For safety I guess, to stop someone walking around with an nfc chip that emails them all your data and then just holding it near your pocket!

    I like the NFC because it gives me more control than Tasker - I can turn on night settings exactly when I go to bed rather than some pre-specified time. I do like using it in combination with Tasker though, you can launch Tasker tasks with the NFC tag which is cool.
  19. aeroo777

    aeroo777 Active Member

    My Verizon S3 won't actually send the text, it'll compose it but I have to look at the phone and hit send. Is this the way it should work? Thanks
  20. scrabbley

    scrabbley Active Member

    Yeah mine does this too, I prefer it because sometimes I don't need to send it and I don't want to send one accidentally by swiping the tag when I don't mean to.
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  21. SFBayArea

    SFBayArea Well-Known Member

    Got my NFC tags in the mail today.

    Been trying to play with it a little. Got few questions:
    Is there a difference between Task and Switch?
    When I created my car task I choose to have bluetooth "toggle" and I can have my bluetooth turn on and off per touch of the tag. How is it different from the New Switch?

    Also, is there some limited amount of re-writes I can do to those tags?
  22. kbakken

    kbakken Member

    Does anyone know or have tried Samsung Tectiles and the Tectile software? Are the Tectile brand tags required for using the Tectile software?

    Edit: From what I just read, it seems that Tectiles are pretty limited in their functionality (at least the software).
  23. kbakken

    kbakken Member

    Also, what size do you recommend? I see there are 48byte tags out there as well as 1K tags. Do the higher capacity tags work with the S3? Would I be able to do more with a 1K tag?
  24. kayst

    kayst Well-Known Member

    I got my tags yesterday and played around with NFC Retag, but that app kept running, even when in the background, as long as NFC was turned on. I guess it has to or it wouldn't work, but it seemed to be using up most of the phone cpu while asleep and I'm not sure if I want to use NFC badly enough to have that happen. Don't know how much it really affected battery life though, I could just be paranoid.
  25. shotinthenads

    shotinthenads Well-Known Member

    From my experience the 48 byte tags are way too small. I found that there is not enough room on them to program any tasks. I have the 1k and the 68 byte and I have found that I can't do anything with the smaller ones.

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