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NFL Live Problems (Browse All)

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  1. soonrfan

    soonrfan Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 13, 2009
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    When trying to load a video stream or audio stream when connected to my home WiFi I receive the prompt "Unable to connect to server." I am able to browse the internet and access web sites. I am also able to connect through NFL Live when I use my Sprint Data service. What is more strange, I am able to connect and stream data on NFL Live when using another public Wifi connection. Using a linksys WRT54 wireless router. 128 bit WEP security. Is there a port that I have closed that would be blocking? I have verified, I have a solid connection to my wifi at almost -40 db (MUCH better than the connection in a public location.) I am stumped. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!


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