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  2. Nate

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    The under-droid. :D
  3. I have not noticed the "inordinately long waits" that the author is talking about. Its clear he has not had the apps loaded into memory. You MAY get a short wait period when FIRST launching apps becuase they are not loaded in memory yet. Once they are loaded in memory they launch fast and there is no need to remove them from memory with appkiller like so many people are stupidly doing thinking it will save battery life when it will NOT.

    I love the track ball which the author of that article calls a "disaster"??? Works good for me its just alittle hard to press down.

    I do agree that the hangup/power button on the bottom of the phone is not ergonomic at all.
  4. dmodert66

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    He also says that the Eris can't run Android 2.0 at the bottom of the article, which is false I believe...
  5. mcbtrain929

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    it's not running 2.0 right now, but hopefully will be with an update in the near future....
  6. dmodert66

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    Correct. I just wanted to point that out because the reviewer did not mention getting it via update. He just said...


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