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No media sound, weird dock mode?Support

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  1. atreyukicks

    atreyukicks New Member

    The phone: HTC Incredible S
    The country: Canada
    The Network: Telus
    The OS: 2.3.3
    The Sense: 2.1
    Extra info: Not rooted anymore, problem started bout a week ago, dock mode openned alone when I plugged it in to charge at night via the oem htc usb cable and box.

    The problems:
    -Calls automatically go to speakerphone, both outgoing and incoming.
    -No media sound plays from speakerphone or wired headset.
    -No locking/unlocking screen sound
    -No ringing sound when an outgoing call is connecting, Just silence until the other person answers. (makes it very awkward)
    -Phone will randomly go into dock mode when I charge it at night and sometimes when it's in my pocket in the middle of the day
    -When I make a call, I can press the home button and then go into any media (music, video etc) and if I play it, magically the media sound does play (at the same time as the call is on). As soon as I hang up the call, the media sound shuts off even though the song keeps playing (I can see the time advance, just no sound)

    When I receive a phone call, text, voicemail etc the notification sound/ringtone plays well and loud.

    I can only assume the phone believes it's in dock mode all the time?

    -Car panel set to NOT auto-launch
    -Dock mode set to NOT auto-launch
    -Media sound is set to high
    -Flip for speaker is off

    In the past week I have been going crazy. I have unrooted my phone, reset everything to factory, done factory resets like 4 times so far...took battery out for 3 hours...nothing worked. I have also tried wires headset routing fix, didnt work. I have tried installing invisible dock, still didnt work.

    NOTES: I bought this phone second hand a while ago and have no waranty, nor do i have 250$ to buy another one. I am willing to root, use es file explorer to delete the dock mode completely, and change whatever code to make the phone forget dock mode exists. Or just make it not do anything when it enters dock mode.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!


  2. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    I would think that a factory reset should have solved the problem. Have you though of getting the RUU and installing it? That would definitely rule out a software issue.
  3. atreyukicks

    atreyukicks New Member

    I have done that yesterday, I reinstalled with the RUU, still happenning.

    Another symptom that started happening today: When I put the phone on a table and lock the screen, it will open by itself sometimes as if I just connected a dock/usb or even a headset (however it doesn't show the headset icon so I'm leaning towards thinking it's a usb thing)

    I will get a can of compressed air and spray that stuff in there. If that doesn't work I will order a new flex usb port and install that...if none of that works I don't know what else to do...maybe see if tyhere is a custom rom without dock mode?

    EDIT: I also just bought a dock on ebay, will try to dock it then undock it and see if the problem persists...
  4. okanagansage

    okanagansage New Member

    I'm having the same issue. It just started either last night or today. The phone rings when receiving a call but won't play any media. Also don't hear ringing when I call out, and it went to speakerphone when the person answered.

    I noticed a "dock screen" for the first time last night. It was plugged in and instead of going to sleep, the phone had the "dock screen", which I haven't seen before. Like atreyukicks said, maybe it thinks it's in dock mode.

    Edit: I plugged it in and restarted it and it seems to be working fine now. Hopefully it stays that way.
  5. atreyukicks

    atreyukicks New Member

    Exactly my problem here. I basically stopped using the phone for now and bought a HTC One V and it is the worst piece of crap android I have ever seen/owned...My htc hero was much faster and didn't have the whole bad reception thing...bit I digress. Basically the problem will go away and come back in a day or two. Eventually it will start coming back much more often and eventually it will stay in dock mode all the time (even if you exit dock mode, the phone will think it's still in dock mode and still have all the symptoms...no media, phone call on speaker etc etc) I have just purchased a usb port flex cable kit on ebay, I will be replacing it on my incredible S which I still have laying around somewhere. I should get it in about 2-3 weeks, so if someone can post back in this thread by then to remind me I'll post an update!

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