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No mms with Cyanogen's newest??

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  1. jbman

    jbman Active Member

    Ok. I just upgraded to Cyanogen's newest ROM as well as Enoch's newest theme this weekend. Now my MMS's are not working. I cannot send or receive. I seem to remember a problem with them before when I first got my phone but I cannot remember how I went about solving the problem. I have tried sending photos to other people first and also tried sending one to myself. Nothing goes through, nothing comes in. I have searched through the forums and it seems that most of the people that have posted with this problem didn't have the data plan. I do and had them working previously. I am thinking the upgrade might have erased whatever I did previously to get them to work but don't remember. I really don't think it is a matter of needing to reflash the ROM because I seem to remember a problem before when i first got the phone.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  2. Swizz

    Swizz Well-Known Member

    No issues on my end. Should hit up the CM forums, see what they have to say.
  3. jbman

    jbman Active Member

    Well, I also just found out that I can't receive incoming calls. They just go straight to voicemail. I flashed back to Cyanogen's and still the same. No mms, no incoming calls.
  4. jbman

    jbman Active Member

    Ok. I may have found a fix. I had an older Nandroid backup that I restored to and everything worked. Upgrading to newest builds from there. Seem to be working so far.
  5. kski

    kski Member

    when flashing new roms you should wipe and then flash DRC83_base then new rom. atleast thats what i've been doing and i change roms all the time.
  6. jbman

    jbman Active Member

    Yeah I guess so. I guess I just thought that the CMupdater was supposed to bypass all of that. I did use it once before to go up to the build before this last new one and everything went fine. Weird.
  7. kski

    kski Member

    yea i like to do a wipe before i install a new rom just incase, theres plenty of backup apps to help restore everything anyways.

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