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no outgoing call with different GSM operatorsSupport

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  1. apatel

    apatel New Member


    I am new to android phone. Recently I got a motorola atrix 4g (android 2.3.4, rooted) from USA and unlocked it. I tried two different GSM operators. From one GSM operator (Vodafone), I can make and receive calls. From other GSM network, I can receive calls, able to use 2G gprs, but not able to make calls. While calling to someone, it just ended with a beep sound. Even I am not able to call the customer support of that operator.

    Here Note that, I can able to make and receive calls using other handsets with same SIM. Is this handset unlocked only for one GSM operator, but then I should not even receive the call using that operators. So I think there is some problem with the atrix 4g handset.

    Can some one help me out from this problem.


  2. devenp

    devenp New Member

    This doesnt look like a problem in Atrix handset. I have Droid2Global and face similar issues on MTNL network. Im unable to make GSM calls even when I have full network. The calls just ends with a beep (Call Ended 00:00). In the same location, if I switch mode to UMTS, all works fine. Or even if I insert some other SIM, GSM works fine.

    Secondly, this behavior is regional, i.e. Im able to make GSM calls via MTNL at other locations.

    So, finally it boils down to that possibly some GSM towers of few network providers are using outdated technology not supported by current Android phones. Things might start working if they upgrade their towers. Till then Im using 3G/UMTS in those areas. :)
  3. apatel

    apatel New Member

    Thanks a lot for your reply. I tried to set the network type as "GSM only", "GSM auto (PRL)", "unknown", but problem is remain same. I tried with Airtel, idea, bsnl. Incoming calls are fine but no outgoing call from any region. But in vodafone it works fine everywhere irrespective of the region. Do you think my phone is not properly unlock. Then even I should not receive any call with GSM network other then vodafone.
  4. apatel

    apatel New Member

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