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    I was interrupted by so many pushed ads on system status bar from anonymous apps while playing game and reading blogs. And I cannot know who sent them, I hate this so I try to uninstall apps one by one until it's silent on status bar.

    Many people are looking for such app as well, finally I decided to develop the app:

    Notification History can record all notifications so that you can easily track who pushed unwanted message. This can be used to:
    1. Find out which app pushed annoying statusbar advertisement, and uninstall it.
    2. Collect messages sent by apps and read them later
    3. Backup and share notifications



    * Collect notifications on status bar and group by apps
    * Save notifications
    * Clear notifications
    * Uninstall apps sending annoying notifications directly

    * To start collecting notifications, go to system Settings->Accessibility, then enable accessibility and Notifications History service
    * To stop the collecting, just disable accessibility and Notifications History service



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    I've moved this to the applications announcements forum so folks looking for new apps can find it.:)

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