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  1. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    I'm a bit tired, so I'm going to take a vacation from this thread... for saaaay aboooout....

    30 seconds. k?

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  2. X24

    X24 Well-Known Member

    Jeesh, seems like only yesterday we were at 30,000
  3. AcousticRx

    AcousticRx Well-Known Member

    Haven't scrolled down far enough yet to see if someone already addressed this, but just spoke to someone at that store. They are taking pre-orders for the SGN. I spoke with a lady on the phone, but another rep near her was answering my questions.

    I asked them if they were taking pre-orders--initially she said no then she was corrected by the rep saying yes. Taking pre-orders--the phone will release November 28th.

    I asked them where they got their info from..heard the rep in the background saying they got information from their corporate office today stating that it was November 28th. Of course, they weren't a corporate store of VZW but a subsidiary.

    ...for what it is worth....
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  4. brightside

    brightside Active Member


    jk :D
  5. lovebyte21

    lovebyte21 Well-Known Member

    I sent Verizon an e-mail to John Bianchi (Verizon Vice-President) a few minutes ago. Here's hoping I get a call back too!

    ** Shoot, I just realized I should have played the "I really wanted it for my birthday, can't you make a girl's day?" angle......aww well, hindsight, lol
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  6. MoPhoMan

    MoPhoMan Well-Known Member

  7. nexusprimepls

    nexusprimepls Well-Known Member

    SO when I got home, I also had a secure email, in addition to the voicemail I noted earlier, from the Regional Presidents office regarding my email. So I am either in a lot of trouble, or they want to make sure I am happy! My phone still works, so I am going to say it's the latter of the two!
  8. IgnatiusXIX

    IgnatiusXIX Well-Known Member

    Follow your interests. Look for interesting folks and just start circling. For what its worth you can circle me +Tyler Krason. And if you're a music fan you can circle my music page +TK's Daily Dose

    Edit: That goes for all of ya;) I'm not hiding behind a pseudonym here
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  9. Crayon

    Crayon Well-Known Member

    Broke down and bought the Rezound. Greaaaaaaaaaaat phone. Best screen i've ever seen (and will see considering it's DPI is greater than either the iphone or the gnex).

    Brilliant phone minus HTC Sense...which I imagine will be gone soon enough with a root and clean install of ICS, this is...of course, if the GNex doesn't come within the next 30 days. I won't feel bad either way honestly.
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  10. skater57

    skater57 Well-Known Member

  11. tluley51

    tluley51 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for this, but anyone want to hook me up with an update? Been busy all day with school work and exams... :-/
  12. SolidOrange

    SolidOrange Well-Known Member

    not happening this week, looking to be the 21st - 28th according to Kellex/Steven/Han/Others.
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  13. daelite20

    daelite20 Well-Known Member

    you havent miss much but other than 10k posts and the phone still hasnt been release..
  14. IgnatiusXIX

    IgnatiusXIX Well-Known Member

    And even that is subject to VZW Corporate's decision. Simply, we still don't know. But this is our new best guess.

    Me? Gut says on 21st. Head says 28th at the earliest. Sadly, my gut has sshhhh for brains.
  15. Sushibagel

    Sushibagel Well-Known Member

    Almost 32000
  16. nbajam

    nbajam Well-Known Member

    Steven's source seemed a lil unsure of when testing would be finished. Kellex had a source earlier in the week say that testing reports were due the 19th (which fits with the OTA received on the 14th and 5 days for testing). If those are good, then maybe they push it out the 21st? Possibly web only at first because it seems like it would be hard to get it to stores in that time.

    We know that this isn't unusual for VZW at all, to have phones in testing up to the last minute before release.

    The good news is things are actually starting to line up.
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  17. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Welcome to the forums, Cindir, and enjoy the wait with us! And yes, it IS our mission... to all end up with a Nexus in our hands!
  18. brain85

    brain85 Well-Known Member

    Still looking forward to picking up the phone tomorrow morning. :)
  19. ajdroidx

    ajdroidx Well-Known Member

    This is going to be long and kind of on/off topic so...

    Made it to my local verizon today, once again to get hounded when I got there :rolleyes: My main objective was to NOT ask about the Gnex (though I did and of course the guy was pretty much clueless) I checked out the Razr and the Rezound.

    The rezound looked like it had a problem, 3% battery and nagging me about the battery, it was plugged in. Did not like the interface, the thickness was not too bad, thinner then I thought, but I just could not get into the phone. Did nothing for me. Wish I could say the same about the Razr :eek:

    Not going to lie. I dug the Razr :eek: The screen looked okay, the colors where rich, like a plasma display, vs LCD during the early days before LCD tvs took over. Did not see the screen door effect on this one. It did get a little warm, nothing major, up where the LTE antanna is. My DX has gotten hotted but that was while it was plugged in with maps running. I think the heat issue could be because it was drawing in power from the wall and on battery

    While I was there I played with the stock camera, not bad, I downloaded HDR camera (free) and took a shot or two and it looked even better. Really usable.

    I did a side by side of my DX and the Razr is obviously MUCH thinner, lighter but a bit wider, perhaps by a quarter or 1/3 of an inch. Still not bad. The coating would be nice too, since I like to shoot weather.

    When the sales rep (really wanted that sale) got to me, I told him I wanted to make sure the next phone I get is going to be worth the 700 bucks I paid since I was upgrading at full price. He took me to the computer and chatted with me saying I could open up a new line, swap my number for the new number, give me a dummy line and pay roughly 5 bucks more a month... BUT I would lose my unlimited texting and my minutes would go down. AND I would have yet another phone to keep track of it. 300 some bucks instead of 650 + tax. I told him I would have to think about it.

    He almost got me. While it would be good to save that type of cash up front, What if I go over. I tried at one time to have a set number of messages, I kept going over. The Voice plan, I don't use that much, but its nice to have those minutes. The extra phone? Just more e-waste, which this person did not understand. :eek:

    I played with the Razr a bit more and seemed to be drawn to it. Really. Im sure its not a bad phone, it looks pretty good. An updated Droid X. What the bionic should have been.

    I have been thinking about it.
    NFC? Sure it would be cool but I don't have much of a use for it now. Besides, could there be NFC readers that could be added via USB? Like credit card readers?

    Stock android. Well, I got stock honeycomb on my Xoom and while its nice there is not a bunch of bloat, I also have to hacked it (partly due to the radio issues with the 3.2.2 update :eek:)

    I don't really rom. I put ICX on my droid x and its more of a skin and I am seriously thinking about flashing the nandroid that I took prior to the rom. ICX has some quirks I don't like

    Those direct from google updates? Well, those are nice but with ICS being released I am sure I could get a leaked update or even a different rom, should I do that.

    Sorry all, Im just talking outloud. Nothing really Gnex related. But when it comes right down to it, spec wise, both handsets are pretty much the same. I could get a phone pretty much right now (well, couple days) or wait for a phone that is pretty much spec'ed the same that could be out a month from now

    Guess I got some thinking to do, huh :eek:
  20. Puchkey

    Puchkey Well-Known Member

    This thread is expanding faster than I can read it. My head is going to explode. Come on galaxy nexus...
  21. jkc120

    jkc120 Well-Known Member

    I like your optimism, but I think there is a snowball's chance in hell of that happening. :(
  22. dario872

    dario872 New Member

    Hi , tired of lurking
    The way I see it , this phone is definitely droping on the 21st
    Both the nexus 1 and nexus s were made available the day after the 10 day giveaway and for the gnx that would be 11/21/11
  23. Sushibagel

    Sushibagel Well-Known Member

    Fwiw I've got a relative working for VZ on the corporate side when I asked about the Gnex today all I got was "not sure but should be before the end of the year." Not really anything new but thought I'd share. :-\
  24. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    We WERE at 30,000 yesterday. Amazing rate of posts for an un-released phone, huh? :)
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  25. jimbo1mcm

    jimbo1mcm Well-Known Member

    From Steven 58

    Join Date: Feb 2010
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    Sorry guys, I think one of the new guides moved this thread into the root section by mistake, so it was gone for a few minutes... We got it covered. We're back.

    Frankly I thought the staff was playing a practical joke on me.

    From Jimbo1mcm: Take the nuclear codes away from the guide. He could be an Apple Mole.
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