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  1. doc1964

    doc1964 Well-Known Member

    Message on my Tab 2 7inch this morning that jellybean available, 20 minutes later i have it installed and working fine. None of my data or programs seem to have been lost although i will probably do a full reset later to ensure there are no kinks in the system. Will not get a chance to play around with it till later but at least it is now here.

  2. saptech

    saptech Well-Known Member

    Well maybe it's on its way to the States next...keep us informed on the progress.
  3. hkmk23

    hkmk23 Well-Known Member


    could be kind enough to tell what happened please? when you said a message - who from?
    what did you have to do ?
    we are supposed to have had here in France for a little while, but i cannot get it and no messages......
  4. doc1964

    doc1964 Well-Known Member

    I have it set to check for updates and auto update. The message was on screen simply stating that a software update was available, it was a white box in middle of screen containing the message, not a notification symbol at top of screen. It stated the update was jellybean and asked, do you wish to update now. i selected yes, and it installed in about 20minutes, very straightforward. Kept all of my data intact. The first thing noticed is that you now swipe down similar to your samsung phone to get into notifications and settings. My tethering to my S3 as a hotspot didnt work but i intrend to reset everything just now as i know that sometimes you get issues after an update that a reset fixes. So will see if this resolves it.
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  5. philhguk

    philhguk Member

    Got JB on my tab 2 7.0 this morning in the UK I got a message when I woke it up saying there was an update. Haven't played around with it much but I am not keen on the status bar moving to the top of the screen preferred it at the bottom.
  6. Capt Pete

    Capt Pete Member

    The behavior you noticed is just the tip of the iceberg. Samsung's release of JB (at least for the GT2 7.0) is the Phone (or phantablet like the Note) UI and NOT the tablet UI. The larger than 7" Tablets MAY get the Tablet UI. YMMV.
  7. hkmk23

    hkmk23 Well-Known Member

    very interesting, I think I will disable auto update until the dust settles, nothing has come through for me yet anyway. Can you say where you draw this info from Capt Pete, it sounds quite plausible.......
  8. jpaskell

    jpaskell Well-Known Member

    Will the JB update really improve performance? I guess I am not informed as to what all the excitement is.

    Is it worth it? Any downside?


  9. doc1964

    doc1964 Well-Known Member

    Struggle to exit music player as there is no exit option when you press options.
  10. Peter D

    Peter D Member

    Got Jellybean on my tablet today. Really pleased. All looking good.
  11. haelewyn

    haelewyn Active Member

    Same happened in Belgium and i guess it's the same for Holland... A lot of data must be going around nowadays.
    Didn't install the update yet but i guess it's safe and i hope it will be an improvement.
    Especially the browsers (I use standard, opera and delphin) are not keeping up with the job and i was considering selling the tab to buy an everyday normal laptop again.
  12. kbbru

    kbbru Well-Known Member

    Yes, lots of them!

    * All icons on the home pages gone, so you'll have to re-organise everything, again.
    * The UI is now the same one as on a phone, with a non-removable notification bar on top. Nice if you use a phone in portrait mode, but not if you use a tablet in landscape mode. (The bar on top makes the screen narrower, while the bar at the bottom is just lots of empty space.)
    * To see the wifi, GPS, ect settings you now have to swipe down from the top, instead of the previous single tap in the right bottom corner. And if you don't swipe far enough down, the pop-up close again.
    * I'm fairly new to Android and tablets, but I really started to like my Galaxy Tab2 7. But this new UI is just ridiculous, makes you wonder who they hire as HCI experts at Google...

    To be clear: I didn't get any warning about the importance of this update. It got pushed through exactly like an update a few weeks ago, but that included some minor tweaks - nothing like this one. (I would compare this to Microsoft automatically pushing an upgrade from Windows 7 to 8 through Windows Update, without any serious warning...)

    I have been using Android for 2 months only, but I think I'll be looking for Win8 tablets in the future.
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  13. chis51hd

    chis51hd Member

    Wow, could you possibly post screenshots of the new UI sir? I'm in the Philippines, and we haven't received the OTA update yet; and I've already rooted my tab so I'm sort of leaning toward custom ROMs like CyanogenMod 10 (Jellybean 4.1 based).
  14. kbbru

    kbbru Well-Known Member

    Sorry, can't post a screenshot right now. But this article gives a good idea of what I'm talking about. (The article talks about Nexus, but the changes described for 4.2 are the ones that I now see on my Tab2 with version 4.1.1.)

    I have contacted Samsung support, but they only tell me that I can't turn the upgrade back, and that they will not deliver a real tablet UI but will stick with this phone UI. :mad:
    They even told me "upgrades are at your own risk", as if I had a choice... :rolleyes:
  15. haelewyn

    haelewyn Active Member

    For anybody who is looking for the way to make a screenshot now :

    Before, this was possible by tapping the right button on the bottom of the machine.
    I regret that this button has dissapeared in the new version.

    However : in Jelly Bean, it can be done by pressing the ON/OFF-button and the VOLUME DOWN button simultaneously. Exactly together at the same time.. Good luck !
  16. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Since 7" is a tablet I wonder why they'd user a phone version of it. That makes no sense.
  17. Mackinon

    Mackinon Well-Known Member

    May be the phones are getting bigger day bay day so 7" screen may not be considered as a tablet very soon... google recently updated youtube app with a tablet UI for screens grater then or equal 10".

    may be sammy is trying to stick with the UI's defined by google for devices to keep things standard.

    I bought tab2 for the tough wiz UI that 4.04 has..

    now i am confused whether to update or no but i badly want to taste Jelly beans...
  18. pauluk1

    pauluk1 Member

    To Kbbru ICS better than Jelly bean

    Yes you are right also the search bar used to move away to full screen when looking at pics etc on web sites, not any more it stays a bit like looking through a letter box utterly useless on a tab 2, I wish I could get ICS back on my tab 2 7" now to try and stop it on my 10.1 from getting it.
  19. chimom79

    chimom79 Member

    Wow, reading all this makes me wonder if I even want the JB update now. I am not keen on having a phone UI on my 7" galaxy tab. And I had SO wanted to try the Jelly Beans too. Well... what to do...?

    Appreciate the info you guy are sharing. Thanks!

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