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Official Samsung Accessories - Genuine or FakeTips

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  1. Real Loki

    Real Loki Well-Known Member



  2. Real Loki

    Real Loki Well-Known Member

    Ok I'll simplify my over detailed post in attempt to get an answer.

    If a Samsung product does not have the hologram sticker on the packaging does that mean it has to be a fake or does the packaging vary and can come without but still be genuine?
  3. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    I suspect that's an answer only someone from Samsung would know.
    For any of us to know for SURE, we would have had to have purchased every Samsung product and seen the packaging. :)

    MY answer would be, if you've already got the product, and it's working as it should, then does it really matter whether or not it's a Samsung product?

    That aside, keep doing what you're doing and reading the comments, and avoid the ones where folks are saying that it's not an authentic Samsung product.
  4. Real Loki

    Real Loki Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply Podivin. Much appreciated!

    I think you're right as there's no definitive answer from anyone.

    I've actually just got a reply from Amazon regarding my concerns. Found it interesting so thought I'd share...


    Please allow me to apologise for the difficulties experienced with your order # XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for the "Samsung Galaxy S4 HDTV Adapter - White" purchased from the third party seller "U-Elec".*

    Your order #XXXXXXXXXXXXX was sold by a third party seller, U-Elec, and was labelled
  5. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

  6. dragula2012

    dragula2012 Well-Known Member

    I went to the Samsung store a few hours ago and bought a protective cover for my S4 and there was no hologram on the box. I saw a charging kit + spare battery without the hologram sticker. Draw your own conclusions.
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  7. Real Loki

    Real Loki Well-Known Member

    Many thanks for confirming that. Out of all the fake vs genuine articles, forums, comments on Amazon and videos no one has been able to have a straight answer on the holy hologram sticker theory. Of course there's no doubt that there is loads of fakes about but I can't believe that all the main electrical sellers have all been duped. Online Market places and Auction sites maybe but not the rest. Cheers.

    Well I received another email from Amazon who say they have now processed a refund without me actually asking for one and only asked I send the item back at some point. Looks like I don't have to. Now shall I send it back now I have the refund...
  8. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    That statement is very telling!

    Why would you not send it back? Amazon have been honourable in this. It may also explain your innate distrust of others.
  9. Real Loki

    Real Loki Well-Known Member

    I will be sending it back thanks for your kind concern! Amazon have been very impressive in how they have dealt with this matter and very swiftyly.

    Am I to detect a dig at me regarding this? If so your snide comment is very telling...
  10. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    ironass is a very knowledgeable and typically very helpful contributor here. I think he just misunderstood your first comment, which was a little ambiguos to me as well
  11. Zurkster

    Zurkster Member

    Sorry but I'd have to disagree, if a product was described as genuine and one receives a counterfeit product, that is illegal irrespective of whether it functions or not. If you owned a company that produces a product that is being cheaply counterfeited, you would take action against the counterfeiters. Large scale organised crime is responsible for most product counterfeiting and turns over many billions in untaxed revenue every year. That in turn has a knock-on effect on every legitimate business involved.
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