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  1. izaksdad

    izaksdad Member

    Widgets? Am I going to have to learn to live without my beloved widget collection? I have some tried and true widgets that I have been itching to use on my newly rooted kindle. I have not and probably will not install a custom ROM. My wife actually likes the carousel menu.
    Launcher functionality is greatly hampered without them. Anyone with wisdom on this topic please enlighten me.

  2. izaksdad

    izaksdad Member

    Go launcher ex does not give me widgets. Am I going to have to install a custom to get widgets? Blargh!
  3. izaksdad

    izaksdad Member

    After troubleshooting this all afternoon I finally found a home launcher app that would install widgets without crashing (on my phone). Holo launcher hd installs the widgets that are compatible with ics

    Hope this helps someone. :rolleyes:

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