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    May 2, 2012
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    after following this community, albeit quietly, for almost a year, as of this afternoon my triumph failed to.. triumph over shoddy manufacturing. I used it this morning to sms a friend and spoke to another and all seemed well but as i was reading through today's posts on my computer it occurred to me i never received a reply from my friend. so, i took the phone from my pocket and... nothing... it wouldn't turn on so i pulled the battery and discharged the excess power by holding the o/i button... nada. hmph so i plugged it in... well you can see where this is going. So that is it, an end to an era. I have been with virgin mobile for more than 10 years (or so it feels) and after being driven to near homicidal rage by the Intercept and before that the Shuttle, I have decided to jump ship on Virgin all together.

    I would like to thank all the Devs who made this phone a joy to play with!! I won't mention anyone specific because you all rock equally!! Keep on fighting the good fight and thumb your noses at "the man" for sucking so badly at life, and everything else for that matter!!

    thank you all again and i will miss you all [/sappy]

    KindeBuhds out.

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