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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Shorte85, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Hello, I'm new to the HTC Thunderbolt community. My first smartphone was a HTC Droid Incredible and loved it so much I had a hard time departing the phone. So when it came time to get a new phone, the guy said that the HTC Thunderbolt is very similar to HTC Droid Incredible 2 (which is what my husband had) so I was okay with that. So I went ahead and got it.

    I like the phone, didn't have any problems with it and it seemed to be very similar to the incredible just the screen is a bit bigger. But now I seem to be having a problem with the phone to the point that it's frustrating.

    I noticed soon after getting the phone that my phone dies very quickly, which I'm assuming has something to do with the "stock battery" which I'm not too concerned with. However, I also another problem that comes and goes and right now it's not going away. But when I turn my phone on, unlock my phone and go to do something and if I'm not touching the screen within 5 seconds or so my phone goes black and I have to turn the screen back on unlock it and then continue doing whatever it is I'm doing. When this started, I ended up restarting my phone thinking maybe that would help. When I did, the widgets on my phone were "problems loading widgets" in place where the widgets were.

    So now I have one screen where I can't get the widget removed, and I'm not sure what is causing all these issues. All I pretty much do is play a couple of games, facebook and sometimes surf the net when I need to look at a few websites. But other than that I keep it at a pretty good minimum. Oh text and call ha, lol...

    Anyone had a problem like this before, if so do you know what caused it?

    Widgets/Apps installed:
    Beautiful Widgets
    Birthday Assistance
    Dolphin Browser HD
    Days Left Widget
    Desktop Visualizer
    Packing List Lite
    Share Apps

    Games Installed:
    Angry Birds
    Move The Box

    If there is something else you need from me, please let me know. It's driving me nuts having to constantly forget that I need to keep touching the screen plus the calwidget I can't remove because it won't allow me too. So any help with this would be appreciated.


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