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  1. zimonline

    zimonline New Member

    Hi All.
    My sister has just got a Tattoo. no Mum not a real one :)

    Phone Info:
    UK --> Vodafone --> Tattoo --> Android 1.6

    I am having the following problem. If I add a contact to her phone the contact type is Phone and it won't sync with gmail-->contacts. When you are adding the contact under contact type the only options are Phone or Sim.

    Google sync is On
    It syncs contacts added to Google fine
    I have tried to change the contact type when I add a contact.

    The Q in short is how can we add contacts to the phone that will sync with google?

    Many Thanks

  2. samski

    samski Active Member

    well the answer is to choose type: google when you add a contact but i cant understand why it isnt giving you that option....

    try clearing cache and data from the people app (it wont delete you contacts, that are stored in the 'contacts storage' app
  3. zimonline

    zimonline New Member

    Many Thanks but I have tried that also done a factory reset. No Joy :(
  4. samski

    samski Active Member

    sounds like it is time to contact htc customer support. i havent had a reply from them in a while, but hopefully you will get a good person dealing with your problem

    googling turned up this, but i doubt it is your solution as it sounds like you have google contacts set to view as you can see contacts you have added online....

    ooh one final thing you could try is seeing if it is a 3rd party app causing the problem (unlikely).... turn the phone off and then turn it on again while holding menu... safe mode should appear in the bottom left corner of the screen..
  5. pevans_om

    pevans_om Active Member

    Perhaps a silly question, but...

    Have you configured your gmail account properly? you can get mail through the gmail app etc.?
  6. clast14

    clast14 New Member

    I, have a similar problem.

    Using i5700 (Galaxy Spica), Android 2.1

    I can get all my gmail, calendar and contacts synced fine, except - when I update my google contact using my phone, and do a sync, the gmail contact overwrites what I did on my phone. In short, the phone is not updating the gmail contact.
  7. pikebhoy

    pikebhoy New Member

    Same thing for me using HTC Desire.

    Using the phone I added another work number to a google contact (using the custom option). Tried syncing down to my google account but the new entry wont go into my contact on google.

    Hasn't overwritten up the way on my phone contact so far......
  8. conviction

    conviction New Member

    I also have that problem, LG GT540 android 2.1
    Come on man! there's gotta be a solution, this is google!
  9. mkarplus

    mkarplus New Member

    LG GT540 android 1.6 worked fine.
    Upgraded to android 2.1 and contacts do not sync.

    Changed unit to a brand new one and the same happened : 1.6 worked fine, 2.1 did not sync.

    Any tips? thanks!
  10. triboy

    triboy New Member

    i had the same problem, then it hit me, sure enough look on your phone, go to people / contacts, and select export, on mine it came up with gmail or phone...simple, I had been saving a number of my phone originated contacts on my phone, so they never synched...I did not realise this.

    Solution, export to SD card, all the phone contacts. Close. Go to people / contacts, select import from SD card, it will ask you to where. Select gmail account. Synch.

    Voila, now synch with your gmail account and there they all are. Hope this helps. Should have guessed it would not be google's fault all the time
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  11. saunjay1

    saunjay1 New Member

    I was having this same issue on my Galaxy S2 then I started messing around in the menus. From the contacts list I went to Menu -> More -> Settings. There I found a setting that says "Save new contacts to" and for me it was set to phone, so I changed it to gmail, issue resolved. :)
  12. westaustin

    westaustin New Member

    Where do you see that menu? I have a Galaxy (ver. 2.2.1) and I've looked in the phone menu, Gmail menu, and contacts menu, but there's nothing like that to be found.
  13. thornev

    thornev Well-Known Member

    Oh great. Now every contact is duplicated on my phone. How do I remove duplicates without deleting one by one?

    UPDATE - figured it out... People > select dropdown arrow to left of Add > uncheck "Phone" > press capacitive back button. Now I see only Google contacts. Hopefully all new contacts I add on the phone now get synched to Google.
  14. Gary12345

    Gary12345 New Member

    They explained exactly where they found it: Contacts -> Menu -> More -> Settings -> "Save new contacts to".
  15. jwbarrientos

    jwbarrientos New Member

    In my HTC explorer there's an option called "move your phone contacts to google" (or so, don't remember well).

    Left it running, I'll post the situation later.
  16. jwbarrientos

    jwbarrientos New Member

    It didn't work?
  17. scepticphil

    scepticphil New Member

    I found it was because I had not ticked the "my contacts" box in the list of contact types - family friends etc...

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