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  1. joemes

    joemes New Member

    On my defy, is there a way to see the phone screen on my laptop?
    For example:
    If I am watching a youtube video on my defy phone, is there a way that I can hook it up to my laptop and watch that same video on my laptop screen?

    I am a truck driver and I have internet on my tmobile motoroal defy phone. It is way cheaper to have the internet on my phone, as compared to paying for it everytime I am at a truck stop.

    Any help would be greatly appreciate:)

  2. csabika

    csabika Active Member

    yes you can you need a laptop to hook it up to by usb than dowload pdanet to the phone and to the laptop than you can connect and use the internet on the laptop

    do a research online
    you did not hear from me ...
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  3. bfready

    bfready Active Member

    Is that what you meant? Tethering the internet connection to your laptop? If so, then yes you need tethering software like pdanet. If you want to display your phone's screen on your laptop, I believe there is a VNC server app available. I think you have to root the phone to use though.

    If you can download the video, you can always mount your phone to your laptop (using the sync cable). Then you can pull the video off your SD card.

    I hope this helps,
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