Please help its urgent my phone not booting..:(Support

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  1. rexhacks

    rexhacks New Member

    hi every one...

    i have samsung galaxy y s-5360..

    i bought it few months ago...

    i am not able to boot my phone.

    i just used my phone and it shuts down automatically..

    i tried to start it again..

    but its only showing the start up screen of "samsung galaxy y GT S-5360"

    please tell me what should i do to get it back...

    please help...

    this will be appreciated...

    please help me please please please

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    First off welcome to the forums :)

    i would suggest to perform a factory reset, it seems your device is stuck in boot loop, you must of had a critical error, and it is stuck there. So your only option is to factory reset it, this will delete all of your data.
  3. yaseenbro

    yaseenbro Member

    I think you lose your stock rom i have also got that problem then i flash my phone with officicaly verison i got back my phone
  4. Akshay A

    Akshay A New Member

    can u plz help me yaseenbro
    hw to do it
    i am going through the same situation
  5. zocuten

    zocuten Member

    Just google samsung galaxy y roms there are lots of tutorials and videos about how to do it and although it may seem daunting it is quite easy with some patience, also you may have to root your phone but this has tuts/videos also
  6. yaseenbro

    yaseenbro Member

    did you slove yur problems

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