problems flashing RA!

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  1. jcc2150

    jcc2150 Member

    i have 1.5 on mt3g...i flashed it through terminal emulator and was able
    to see it on reboot. i backed up. and restarted to home screen. i
    wanted to double check and make sure it was backed up so i powered off
    then booted up to ra recovery. it didnt work, just went to the android
    stock recovery screen...what happened to my recovery ra?? i checked my
    sdcard. there is a folder with something backed up, no idea how i'd
    restore that if i cant even load up to ra recovery 1.7.0...any help
    thank you

    it says this upon reboot...E:cant open /cache/recovery/command

  2. jcc2150

    jcc2150 Member

    uh anybody????:confused:

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