[Public Mobile] [ROM] Voltron OC Based on the Public Mobile B07. Now with network fix!!!!

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  1. DrPleaser

    DrPleaser Active Member

    I just happen to like the stock one :)

    Also, where's the camera and gallery?

    shnor ha gal em!

  2. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    Camera ics for now until I decide on a suitable camera app as default and quickpic is the replacement for gallery it's lighter....

    Hai es?
  3. justin4236

    justin4236 Well-Known Member

    yeah i flashed on my boost and everything seems fine so far. awsome rom
  4. justin4236

    justin4236 Well-Known Member

  5. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    No this is for public mobile...I believe you can't send or receive picture messages at the moment...
  6. zapata viva

    zapata viva New Member

    it says: Verification signature failed, installation failed
  7. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

  8. DrPleaser

    DrPleaser Active Member


    Thanks, downloaded those and they work fine.

    Heh I always glossed over your name as smartmanvan until my brother saw it and pointed it out to me.
  9. BullseyeQc

    BullseyeQc New Member

    Hello everybody,

    Salut Smartmanvartan

    I have a question for you. I currently have your ROM on my N860, and it is really nice(thanks BTW and thanks again LeMeister for the installation) and i believe it is the first version. It does not have the french language installed and some other new features you have added to the new version of Voltron ROM. So, is there a way to add these features without flashing and restarting from scratch ? like an update or something else ? The build number goes like this.:


    Also wanted to know if you do custom apps. I am looking for an app that i saw on iphones and haven't found one that works with this phone. It's an alert that goes like a camera flash on the screen and emits a sound.

    Thanks again.
  10. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    If you already have voltron installed, you don't have to do the factory reset... so just install the new version over the old one... the only thing you will loose is you're home screen settings because I switched the launcher to ADW because of the random freeze ups I would get with the holo launcher.... as far as this app goes... what does it do exactly? Does this alert go of when you receive calls? Is it a alarm clock app?...
  11. BullseyeQc

    BullseyeQc New Member

    It is an alert for SMS, probably calls and other stuff but the calls and sms are what i look for. Regarding the install of the rom over the older version. which software do i need ? And most importantly i guess, can i do it from linux ? thanks again.
  12. sersoft

    sersoft Well-Known Member

    You don't even have to use your computer, you just need to download the first .zip file in this thread to the root of your SD card, then reboot while holding volume_up+power and TWRP/CWM should appear. After flashing your phone might take about 10 minutes to boot, make sure to check and delete all apps that you won't be using, it makes overall performance a bit snappier. I recommend to set ADWLauncher presets to "Fast", this preset combined with OC to 1.4ghz, scrolling homescreens and app drawer becomes as smooth as on an iphone 5.
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  13. BullseyeQc

    BullseyeQc New Member

    That is music to my ears. I will give it a shot and comeback to say thank you Smartmanvartan and sersoft,

    Has anyone been having issues with the microphone on the N860. Mine just stops working on calls but works if i record a message with an app. I red on the web that it could be something concerning the noise cancellation thingy.
  14. ayoshidage

    ayoshidage Active Member

    Yes al, hye em ;p

    I tried your rom, and works way faster then stock. I found some bugs with it though.

    1 - When you make a call to someone or receive a call you can barely hear the other person, its too low the volume, the stock rom was loud and clear, this rom the volume in the conversation when talking to someone has dropped. Might want to check that out, even with all the volume settings max you can barely hear the person.

    2. When clicking the round 6 dot circle and sliding through the menu going to the right direction, sometimes for a few seconds it gets stuck and and jitters the left and right, and fixes by its self after a few seconds.

    3. Also I didnt find and app or settings to enable hot spot, was that suppose to be added?
  15. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    The tether menu is unlocked but still hidden...to access it make a custom shortcut. Check the op post for how to do that... and thanks for the bugs I'll check out the call volume thing but I did not really notice it on my device.....
  16. zapata viva

    zapata viva New Member

    thank you sir it works... the thing that bugged me was the failure of the pc to inform me that the driver needed update so i went to the drivers and realized that i had to update them manually once i did that I rebooted and voila, now all i need is to get to know it thanx again :)
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  17. BullseyeQc

    BullseyeQc New Member

    Ok, new ROM installed without problems. Haven't had time to test it out, if i find anything, i will let you know smartmanvartan. Thanks again. Thank you sersoft for the info. Do you guys recommend to create a swap on the sd card ? also, is there a way to prevent apps from opening in the background for whatever reasons ? whenever i check what is running and clear all, many comeback almost right away even if i have no apps running...
  18. sersoft

    sersoft Well-Known Member

    The swap drive is on internal memory which is OK since we have 4 gigs of it... I don't recommend moving it to SD unless you have a really fast SD card (class 10).

    It's no use closing apps from Task Manager app. The best way to avoid apps from running is to uninstall them. Android isn't like Windows where too many apps running are bad for the system, in fact most of those apps are cached and not in RAM at this time.

    I mainly use the task manager to close apps that became unresponsive or started to consume a lot of memory, they restart after a short while and behave normally after that.

    If you use kill all apps button, try with data and sync off, they won't come back as fast. The apps are loaded as needed.
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  19. ayoshidage

    ayoshidage Active Member

    Tethering Shortcut works and enables all hotspots, but still has no internet when connected by via USB or Wifi Wireless, I tried on laptops and they connect to the phone, but the internet doesnt work on the PC, maybe someone should look into that. Some kind of proxy issue with windows and phone.
  20. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    gotta use user agent switcher... you can find it as a addon for firefox...
  21. wearzy

    wearzy Member

    Great work so amazing.....you have out done yourself
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  22. ayoshidage

    ayoshidage Active Member

    I tried installing it, but it says its not compatible with 10.6 firefox.
  23. sersoft

    sersoft Well-Known Member

    latest Firefox is 17.0.0
  24. ayoshidage

    ayoshidage Active Member

    Yep updated to the latest version 17.0.0, and yet still says its not compatible. It does not install the add on.

    I even open my firefox browser searched user agent switcher. Then you get a menu that says User Agent Switcher with a + Add to Firefox in a green button, you click that. Starts downloading then when it trys to install says User Agent Switcher cannot be installed, its not compatible with 17.0.0.

    Tell me how you install it, so I can tether with my PC
  25. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    Beta4 is gonna be up later this evening...

    I have listen to a lot of you saying that the whole heavy rom thing is annoying so i made it much lighter and will post a link to a app pack to add on...

    Factory reset!! You may have noticed that the voltron rom has a lot of apps installed as data to free up the system but when you do a factory reset in your recovery you winde up loosing apps that you need so i have made a factory reset flashable that formats data/cache and then reinstalls those apps that you need should you need to wipe your phone of user data.

    I had made a tweak to the apns-conf and have found that it made me loose calls so i reverted to the original and its now everything is ok...

    New kernel as stock will be the new 1.8 GHz kernel by Downthemachine tweaked for public mobile with an optional 1.8 Ghz Alien kernel v2.0 that can be flashed if you prefer...

    Hope you like! :p
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