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Support Question about Galaxy S4 and MMS text messages

  1. mikeinkaty

    mikeinkaty New Member

    I receive dozens of MMS messages each day with attached image files from my security camera. With my old Samsung flip phone I cannot plug it into my computers USB port and do a mass transfer of all the JPG files - I can only do them one at a time. I can do a mass transfer of the pictures or videos that I take with the phone, but not with the MMS text messages it has received.

    My question - can I do a mass transfer of the MMS pics with the Galaxy S4 camera?


  2. mikeinkaty

    mikeinkaty New Member

    I just found out that New PC Studio will let me copy all the MMS messages to my PC with one operation, BUT, they are all placed into one file with the *.NEF file extension. I have not yet found anyway to extract the JPG files from that file. "NEF" = Nikon Exchange Format. I downloaded the Nikon Codec supposedly for that, but that did nothing. I'm using Win 7, home addition. Any help appreciated.

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