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  1. Domromer

    Domromer Member

    I just picked us the galaxy 4g yesterday. I went on amazon and did a search for cases for the Galaxy S 4g and it brought up an otterbox case for the Epic 4g. Is this the same exact phone as the galaxy s 4g? If not will it still work on the galaxy S 4g. Any thoughts on otterbox cases in general?

  2. mschreiner13

    mschreiner13 New Member

    I bought the otter box vibrant case and it works great. The vibrant and the Galaxy S 4g are the same exact phone on the outside, it's the internal stuff that has changed. The case even has a hole for the front facing camera.
  3. Droymac

    Droymac Member

    Another good case recommendation would be the Body Glove case, which I picked up in-store. Works great for me, and comes with an optional belt clip.
  4. markieeb

    markieeb New Member

    i would highly reccomend the otter box case. i had one for my blackberry and dropped it from over 30 feet in the air onto concrete, kicked it, stepped on it, dropped it in water and the phone still looks brand new and havent had any problems with it. am ordering an otterbox for my galaxy soon. BTW these were not tests of the case, it just happened with my line of work.

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