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  1. lulz mcgee

    lulz mcgee New Member

    I got my Galaxy S 4G(freakin' awesome) yesterday and I have a couple of questions.

    1. I can't seem to figure out how to set my phone to vibrate when I get a text.

    2. Rooting. Advantages? Disadvantages? How? What exactly is rooting?

  2. ardchoille

    ardchoille Well-Known Member

    1. Vibrate settings can be found at Menu > Settins > Sound

    Rooting is the process of gaining root privileges. I root every phone I buy and I'm currently running Bionix V 1.3.1 on my Samsung Vibrant. The apps you install from the market get installed to /data/app and that directory is not available unless you root. The same goes for /system/app, which is where bloatware would be installed. Once you root you can get into all of the directories on the phone and make it yours. The downside is that you can severely damage your phone if you're not careful, since root can do anything, so some learning would be advised if you plan to root.

    The benefits of root are:
    - Installing a custom rom
    - Removing bloatware (apps you will never use)
    - Installing a custom theme
    - Better performance. I'm getting 30 hours on a single charge with no lag.
    - Having more control over your phone
    - Much more

    The rooting process differs for every phone and I'm not sure how to root your phone yet.
  3. lulz mcgee

    lulz mcgee New Member

    I decided to hold off on the whole rooting thing until I read up and figure out what I'm doing but I still can't get my phone to vibrate when I get texts.

    I'm going to Settings>Sound
    Silent mode is checked
    Vibrate is set to Always
    and Haptic feedback is unchecked.

    Do I have to have Silent mode unchecked, Vibrate set to Always and calls and notifications set to silent? or am I missing something?
  4. ardchoille

    ardchoille Well-Known Member

    Uncheck Silent Mode and see if that helps. I seem to remember that helping me.
  5. lulz mcgee

    lulz mcgee New Member


    When I have silent mode checked and vibrate on always it vibrates really strong on a phone call but when I get a text, it only does a single REALLY WEAK vibration. I can barely feel it even when I'm holding it in my hand.

    When I have silent mode unchecked, vibrate on always, volume turned all the way down(It has to be silent or vibrate at work) and phone and notification ringtones on silent, it does the same thing.

    So, phone calls are good but I can't feel texts. WTF!!!
  6. Droymac

    Droymac Member

    Double check your Vibration Intensity settings, the last option in Settings > Sound. That should set the intensity for both calls and texts. If this doesn't work, your phone is most likely defective.
  7. ardchoille

    ardchoille Well-Known Member

    Vibration Intensity is only for Haptic Feedback, it isn't enabled unless Haptic Feedback is enabled.
  8. Droymac

    Droymac Member

    Oops, right! Either way, though, it sounds like the phone is defective.

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