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Reception when using Wifi

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  1. adammacleod

    adammacleod Member

    Whenever i have my wifi on i lose my mobile reception completely.
    Anyone else having this issue?

    Edit : Also seems to be the same problem when plugging in the charger although signal is not fully lost all the time

  2. KingRolo

    KingRolo Member

    as in you can't make calls or send sms?
  3. adammacleod

    adammacleod Member

    Yeah, my reception dies completely. I am in a poor reception area. Maybe using wifi only drops a cbar or 2 but this is enough to drop me to nothing?
  4. jacksonliam

    jacksonliam Member

    Sorry to dig up a new thread, but I have this exact problem, In a low reception area having wifi on (not even connected) gives me a complete loss of sms/calls (not even emergency only!). This is on vodafone!

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