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  1. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Hey guys! :wavey:

    Just a friendly reminder to keep in mind that we've got two all-things-root areas for your LG Optimus F6 device that discuss root-related or otherwise complicated topics/processes (i.e., things a typical user wouldn't normally do or may involve risky steps):

    This will help not just keep things tidy and organized, but will get the proper views and replies that should benefit everyone.

    If you see a thread or post out of place, just use our /!\ report button to let us know and we'll get things moved.

    Also, if you are posting about something that belongs in an all-things-root area, try to make sure you've got your carrier (T-Mobile or Metro PCS) listed in your profile's details or include that information in your post so we can determine which all-things-root sub-forum it belongs in.

    Cheers and thanks!



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