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  1. ultrademox

    ultrademox New Member

    I installed OS_Acer_4.002.14.EMEA.GEN1_A22F_LiquidE a few days ago. Right now operation system automaticly restarting itself in some calls. Especially when im going to call someone before answer. I thought it was temporary when I saw this problem. This days my phone 2 or 3 times restarting itself in a day. Please help me if there is a solution. Thank in advance..

  2. ultrademox

    ultrademox New Member

    any help or comment?
  3. redhot

    redhot New Member

  4. Shubzzz

    Shubzzz Member

    Even I had the same issues. They tried blaming it on everybody. They (Acer support) asked me to change SIM cards, change service providers etc. They even upgraded the firmware from 4.002 to 4.006 saying this would sort the issue. And I stuck to "change the phone" and finally got my new phone today.
  5. Shubzzz

    Shubzzz Member

    Mind telling me which part of the world are you in? From my extensive research/follow up - I am in Bangalore, India and I got to know that recently Vodafone upgraded to 3G and they are in the process of upgrading their towers to cater to the 3G service and Android especially doesn't seem to be liking it.

    But I still have a question - how can a service go to the boot code and boot the system? I am sure nobody would even care to answer.
  6. Shubzzz

    Shubzzz Member

    Found the fix! Just call your service provider and tell them to de-activate call forwarding services in their systems and the reboot problem will be solved.

    It does not affect your call forwarding facility on the phone. you can always use that!

  7. Shubzzz

    Shubzzz Member

    Finally got rid of Acer! No more headaches! Had enough. Wish all of you guys having trouble with this goddamn phone, lots of luck!

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