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ringing phone black screen /android force stopSupport

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  1. jeeptecb

    jeeptecb Well-Known Member

    my Photon q was ringing picked it up to answer. the screen was black. was unable to answer or silence. then got a message across the screen android force stop.?? ive only had the phone since Thursday. i just got of an EVO 4g lte. did i make a mistake by switching in my 14days

  2. jeeptecb

    jeeptecb Well-Known Member

    just to let everyone know the phone must of had an internal failure. i spoke with a Sprint tech on the phone. was instructed to return phone to point of purchase.the store i bought the phone replaced the phone with no real questions.i have noticed that the 2 apps i use the most are working properly on this new replacement.
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  3. chas9rr

    chas9rr Member

    thanks for the follow up
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  4. jeeptecb

    jeeptecb Well-Known Member

    i returned the Photon and bought and S3 . nice phone so far
  5. CzechPleez

    CzechPleez Well-Known Member

    Glad they got you taken care of at the store.

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