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  1. Malewail

    Malewail New Member

    What's with not having voice dial. The HTC Magic has Voice Dial. Why can't the LG EVE have it?

  2. britbloke

    britbloke Well-Known Member

    Because the Eve runs on 1.5 which doesn't have voice dial.
  3. GreatBigDog

    GreatBigDog Well-Known Member

    Just because the magic has voice dial doesn't mean that its worth the space that it takes upon the phone. It's so hit and miss it might as well not be there.

  4. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    1.5 _does_ have voice dial, it's just that you have to confirm the results by pressing the screen which is lame. I have 1.5 on my Magic and use it in car with my BT headset.

    If the Eve doesn't have voice dial, it must be specific to the Eve, but just so it's clear, the way Voice Dialing works on Android, is NOT like on older phones (like the motorola razr). On older phones you could record yourself saying the name/word for the contact you wanted to dial so it would "learn" what you wanted. That doesn't exist in Android, instead it's just a part of the voice search function of Android. You say "Call bob" and it knows by your use of the word "Call" to search your contacts for Bob. The problem is when there are two similar names (or even the same!) and you have to press the screen to confirm what you want.
  5. Crash27

    Crash27 Well-Known Member

    This is starting to become frustrating, I have sent of lot's of emails to Rogers & LG about the updates for the LG EVE and if and when is there going to be any. And still no response, This phone would be even better with some updates and a current OS version on it, I am getting to the point of sending it back and going with another Provider and different Manufacture, I thought for sure with how much the Android OS has flurished over the last month and a bit they would be pushing updates on these phones. they would save a lot of bad press and increase sales if they just supplied us with what we need.
  6. GreatBigDog

    GreatBigDog Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    I just received an update from LG, not much has been happening but they are still working on the issue. It looks like Rogers is involved with the discussions but as you know they have been rather preoccupied lately. Please be patient EVE owners we are still working on an update for you.

    Here is the text of the email that I received.

  7. puleen

    puleen Well-Known Member

    My response back would be to understand what form of compensation and/or options would be provided for those customers who purchased the EVE but will not be seeing an update beyond 1.5?

    If they do not plan on offering an update to Android 1.6 and above, then the EVE might as well become a paper weight. This applies to any and all devices.

    Without OS upgrades, these phones are worthless. WORTHLESS I TELL YOU!

    ROGERS, HTC, LG, you are SERIOUSLY pissing me off!
  8. britbloke

    britbloke Well-Known Member

    I'm keeping my eye on the European version of the Eve, the InTouch Max to see if they will be updating it.

    I've read one review for the UK version of the GW620 and there's already a difference in the video resolution that it can capture (720x480 for the UK model, 320x240 for the Rogers version).
  9. GreatBigDog

    GreatBigDog Well-Known Member

    I received a confirmation from @RogersMary that they have been talking to LG about possible updates on the EVE.

  10. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    Let's hope they don't have the same problem post-update as the Magic!

    Maybe if they update the Eve I will ask to exchange my Magic for an Eve? ;-)
  11. britbloke

    britbloke Well-Known Member

    It's reassuring that RogersMary is taking our concerns seriously. Let's just hope that LG does the same.
  12. josephjq

    josephjq Member

    i am trying to use my wireless n router(no problems with g) when at home with my htc dream (has update).

    i searched for 2 hours and could not find this topic in the forums.

    this seems like a good collection of Canadian android users, and i appreciate what you are doing to help us in our push to get Rogers/lg/htc to stay on top of what they have started.

    i hope one of you can help me with this or direct me to the right place. thanks
  13. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    @josephhjg: Please create a new thread in the Rogers sub-forum, and tell us there exactly what is the problem you are having.

    This thread is for discussing the LG Eve update (or lack thereof) only.

    Thanks. [​IMG]
  14. puleen

    puleen Well-Known Member

    I've got a loaner EVE from a friend who didn't like his and can't do anything about it. Been playing around with it. It's a pretty decent device, but I still don't like the responsiveness of the touch and the bulk of the keyboard.

    But overall a pretty decent device. Would be a waste if it were not upgraded to Android 1.6 and above.

    LG Canada, get your act together. Tell those engineers to stop screwing around and start getting things done!
  15. Joe Cool

    Joe Cool New Member

    Just picked up the LG Eve yesterday pretty much for free from Rogers, cause I've been a customer with them for many years....

    First off have to say Rogers has great service, compared to Bell and Telus, theey are hands down better, not in reception but customer service, there actually there and compident, soo im not gonna start bashing Rogers.....and im sure everyone here knows that to be true, Rogers is to me the best providor in Canada hands down.....

    k Second, again just picked up the LG eve yesterday its actually for my girlfriend, So i unlocked it for 6 bucks on Ebay.and gave it to my girlfriend to use on her crappy Solo account....I have been playing around with the phone for a little bit and have to say its pretty dammm amazing..I really like the android OS, I misght even like it better then Apple Os, big emphasis on might, there both good, soooo ill have to wait and see...but really like the Eve, I cant really use the qwerty keyboard my hands arent comfortable on it so i need my iphone.....

    Third is the whole OS 1.5 update that this thread and thousands of people are talking about...I mean as much as I do love this phone...If its not upgradable, i might have to return it later and go for the 100s of new touch android phones coming out in the near future like the Sony Xperiia, its crz......I mean the reason i have the iphone is cause it can do sooo much and I can always upgrade it, I had the phone before it came to Canada and even though mine is the old 2G, i have it on OS 3.1.2 the latest...
    Sooooo if this Eve cant be upgraded its kinda taking a step backwards.....but as for the whole Rogers bashing, I really dont tihnk they have anytihng to do with this, they just sell what there givin....This issue is really more towards LG...who im not a huge fan of yet, there getting there as far as technology, but not quite the top yet...So cmon LG get your act together, and give all of us here on this forum and everyone whos already bought this phone and work on an update for us....Sooo keep on blogging

    and as far as my phone and providor....
    Give us Android 1.6 or lose my business, LG !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S sorry if my post was too long, got carried away
  16. puleen

    puleen Well-Known Member

    On my loaner EVE my Gmail emails don't seem to be getting pushed out. I always end up refreshing it manually.

    Anyone know if there is a configuration I have to set somwhere? I already have "DATA SYNCHRONIZATION" enabled to include contacts, calendar and mail.

    What am I missing?
  17. NewbAndroid

    NewbAndroid New Member

    Hi, I found this forum/topic on Jan.26 as I wanted to research the LG Eve smartphone a bit before getting one from Rogers. I am not so sure I am interested in the Eve anymore!! Unbelievable that Rogers can not give anyone a straight answer!! So, I thought I'd try and call Rogers and got nothing but the run around, noone seemed to know anything about what I was talking about, I was transferred twice and the last guy just plainly said yes it was upgradeable! What crap, I just wanted off the phone by then, so I said ok and hung up! I also emailed LG Canada through their website and asked if the Eve would be upgradeable to a newer version of the Android OS, and if so, to what version.....the reply that I got was interesting! The person from LG Canada said that they had, and I quote, "just learned that the Android software will be upgradeable to 2.0 in the near future on the LG Eve." So, who do I believe? LG? Or Rogers.....who don't seem to know anything!? Can anyone give us a straight up answer and end this confusion!? Anyway, that's the info that I have, I hope it helps! And thank you to the people who keep up the fight!
  18. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    @NewbAndroid: Can you copy and paste here the email you received, including the name of the person who emailed you, and if you have it, the email address?
  19. britbloke

    britbloke Well-Known Member

    This could be encouraging news from LG if true about the 2.0 update.
  20. damnmad

    damnmad Well-Known Member

    In settings check "background data" and try enabling "always on" (don't remember where it was). This will make your battery last for... well it wouldn't last.
  21. NewbAndroid

    NewbAndroid New Member

    I sent the email at this link LG Send a Message to LG Customer Service And this is a copy and paste of the email I received from LG Canada:
    Thank you for contacting LG Customer service. We are here to help provide you with the answers or guidance you need. If you require further assistance please submit a new request or contact customer service at 1-888-542-2623.
    Apparently I have just learned that the Android software will be upgradeable to 2.0 in the near future on the LG Eve.
    LG Canada"

    Wish I could give you the name of the person who sent it! I did send an email to Paul Pike asking if he could confirm it....hopefully something will come of this!
  22. Crash27

    Crash27 Well-Known Member

    Yes I to am finding it upsetting after getting the LG Eve and finding out that it may not be upgradeable, I did some research on this phone before getting it and the final decision was made after talking to a Rogers CSR and he was telling me that the Eve was a new phone and it had many features and there will be updates coming out for it soon and one of the updates is the Rogers Account App for Android . If I knew then what I know now I would have went with another phone. If it ends up there is not going to be updates for the eve then I am going to ask for another phone and keep my contract , and if they won't agree to it then they are going to lose me as a customer and I know my 2 friends will do the same with there eve's for they are waiting for me to tell them if I hear anything about the issue. Even if Rogers or LG decide to not update the Eve they should honor there customers and give us the option to choose another phone, it would show us they are sympathetic to our situation and honoring there products and service. To me it does not take a big company like LG or Rogers a lot of time to put out updates if they wanted to. But enough rambling LOL ..
  23. Palantir

    Palantir Member

    Does anyone know how to optimize configuration for battery life?
  24. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    @Palantir: In this thread you can see the settings I use for my Magic.

    If you have any more questions about using your LG eve, you will find there is a sub-forum all about the LG Eve, and the general Android Lounge is full of helpful people.

    We would like to try to keep this thread on topic about any possible update to the Rogers LG Eve above Android 1.5. Thanks! :eek:
  25. puleen

    puleen Well-Known Member

    Update from Sheryl on the LG Eve upgrade to 1.6

    I have asked her to follow up in regards to Android 2.1 update which she will do and get back to us on.

    This is good news for LG Eve users. But the fight doesn't stop until we get 2.1!

    Coincidence, but this also happens to be my 100th post...w00t w00t! :)

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