[ROM] Mobster Rom HD/Lite - 031513

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  1. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Well-Known Member Developer

    Reflash 1.3 then Timescape 1.1

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  2. joshua8790

    joshua8790 Well-Known Member

    Thank you Mobstergunz for this light ROM! I've used it for two days so far, and it would probably be one of my two favorites.

    The beats audio is actually impressive with my earbuds.

    Couple things I was wondering about though, in the future do you plan on adding customization for the launcher? (transitions, app drawer direction, etc.)

    As for the dialer, I noticed you can't answer a call from the AOSP lockscreen, you have to unlock it. I know it's a sense thing, but do you plan on adding that too?

    Other than that though, I really love this ROM, great work!
  3. dg61981

    dg61981 Well-Known Member

    Hey mobs can u figure out how to link the album app in the Sony theme to mms? It only gives u the option of gallery which isn't even installed.
  4. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Well-Known Member Developer

    This update was mainly for the Timescape Theme
  5. dg61981

    dg61981 Well-Known Member

  6. mastersoup

    mastersoup Well-Known Member

    those things are easily solved with widget locker and your choice of any launcher. i use go launcher.
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  7. joshua8790

    joshua8790 Well-Known Member

    Well, considering how small this ROM is, I suppose I could try those. Still love the ROM though!
  8. viperafx

    viperafx Well-Known Member

    ok so i done alot of tinkering with stuff to try and figure what was causing the random reboots...uninstalled setcpu and installed nofrills and BAM! ..no random reboots for me anymore . hope this helps the ppl with the "rebooting during calls problem"
  9. mastersoup

    mastersoup Well-Known Member

    the advantage of doing that is you can go rom to rom and keep your phone looking almost the same, no matter what launcher they use by default. as far as transitions and such go, go launcher is the best. i use apex on my tablet because i like the stock style of it there, and because go launcher isnt as well developed on tablets. on phones though i like my go launcher. the sphere app drawer effect alone would make me keep go launcher lol. i cant get rid of it. if more launchers had it, id be more willing to swap out.
  10. joshua8790

    joshua8790 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the custom launchers are nicer. I used Nova, but I'm thinking about going back to Go Launcher, I believe that I used that one when I had my triumph, and before I found out about MIUI, I used go launcher and tested various themes like the WP7 one.

    As for the lockscreen app, that didn't help with calls, it seems that the dialer won't pop up that I have an incoming call at all, but it does in the sense lockscreen. I have to unlock the phone and then answer.
  11. rotusz82

    rotusz82 Well-Known Member

    Nicely done here Mobs. Think you can make me a Dr. Who theme?;):rolleyes:
  12. rotusz82

    rotusz82 Well-Known Member

    Hey Mobs found an issue on this new version. While on a call my phone rebooted itself. Did it earlier today as well but thought it was a fluke.
  13. richking34

    richking34 Well-Known Member

    Yeah it randomly reboots sometimes without me knowing
  14. Kahroo

    Kahroo Well-Known Member

    Said here. I had to put it at 1.026GHz and it hasn't rebooted yet. But every since the 1.3 update I started getting reboots. Didn't get it on 1.2.
  15. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    I haven't had any reboots relating to the rom. It was all kernels side. Now that I've flashed the latest anthrax build, I havent had one reboot.
  16. rotusz82

    rotusz82 Well-Known Member

    Someone mentioned the setcpu program but i cannot find one on here. Not sure what is going on with it.
  17. Raul720

    Raul720 Well-Known Member

    Setcpu is available in the play store. It is a paid app. A free alternative would be No Frills.
  18. Phonecharger

    Phonecharger Member

    Anyway to get the original theme for the stock messaging app back
  19. Cable123

    Cable123 Well-Known Member

    I get random reboots once in awhile is there anything I can do thanks good rom so far is there any 4 g signal improvement two
  20. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Well-Known Member Developer

    v1.3.1 (08/12)

    • Hopefully Fixed Random Reboots
    • Changed Default Max CPU Clock to 1.2Ghz
    • Moved Following Apps to Data Partition:
      - Awesome BEATS
      - HTC FM Radio
      - Leedroid Tweaks
      - Hidden Menus
      - File Manager

    Fixes Random Reboots, Increases App and System Performance, and the Theme has been Tweaked a bit
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  21. Chingling

    Chingling Well-Known Member

    Does this include the latest (3.1.6) Anthrax kernel?
  22. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Well-Known Member Developer

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  23. Chingling

    Chingling Well-Known Member

    Just lettin you know, there's a few lines in your init.qcom.post_boot.sh that conflict with Anthrax:
    Code (Text):
    1. # Post-setup services
    2. case "$target" in
    3.     "msm8660" | "msm8660_csfb")
    4.         start thermald
    5.     ;;
    6. esac
  24. AngryTeddyBear

    AngryTeddyBear Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to reserve a bit more RAM for the OS itself?
  25. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Well-Known Member Developer

    Its fine since Thermald doesn't exist in the Rom so that code does nothing
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