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  1. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    This is for the Samsung Gravity Smart T589.

    This is a stock 2.2.2 froyo rom that is deodexed and themed.

    See post #2 for a odex'd non rooted version.

    This was built from a system dump - the firmware hasn't been released yet.
    Please note that I am not a developer - just a tinkerer.
    This will be installed by flashing through the stock recovery.
    There are no custom recoveries available yet for this device.
    This has the majority of the bloatware removed.
    It will utilize the stock kernel already in the phone.
    The ROM download link is provided after the screenshots.
    A RAR file download link is provided with the apps that were removed.​


    Removed Drivesmart from Settings.
    Removed Social Network Key from Settings - hotkey defaults to Facebook
    Removed Messaging Key from Settings - hotkey defaults to Message App
    Removed Notification Slider from Settings
    Removed Software Update from Settings - wont OTA a custom rom
    Removed many ringtones and added a few.
    Removed Startup sounds and Shutdown sounds.
    Removed Startup and Shutdown animations.

    Removed the following apps:

    Aim - Bejewled - Allshare - DriveSmart - Dual Clock - Cloud Text - Gallery3d - Glympse - Lookout -
    MallLite - Maps - Memo - My Account - My Files - Photobucket - Protips - Sticky Message Widget -
    Street - Swipe Tips - Talk - Tetris - TeleNav - Uno - Youtube​

    Added the following apps:

    File Expert (has root explorer) - Flash Player - Latest Gmail - Htc Keyboard - Latest Link2sd -
    QuickPic (gallery app) - Latest SuperUser + Latest Binaries - Busybox - Latest Terminal Emulator -
    Latest Titanium Backup (free version) - Latest Spare Parts Plus​

    Added 3 build.prop edits.
    One for maximum events per second and the other two for sounds.
    The default ringtone is from the movie "Crank" - the fading in and out phone tone.
    The default notification sound is "Tinkerbell" - lol.
    Added a custom boot animation - blue coin.
    Added Sd Card speed tweak + battery tweak.
    Themed several icons through the IC Menu.
    Themed the framework to a black "Sense" theme.
    Themed the battery icons.

    • This device has very little internal space, so I have included Link2Sd app.
    • If you wish to utilize this included app, you must do the following prior to installing the rom:

    Partition the sd card as follows:


    - first partition will be created as a <FAT32> <Primary> partition.
    - (leave about 512mb for the 2nd partition)

    - second partition will be created as a <Ext2> <Primary> partition.
    - this should be 512mb with 0 swap

    Installation instructions:

    - partition sd card (this will erase the contents)
    - download rom (which is an update.zip for the stock recovery)
    - put rom on the sd card
    - power off phone
    - slide open the keyboard and hold down the <T/5> button and the <Power> button until the recovery appears
    - use the <Volume Keys> to scroll to <wipe data/factory reset> and hit the <Power> button to confirm
    - use the <Volume Keys> to scroll to <wipe cache partition> and hit the <Power> button to confirm
    - use the <Volume Keys> to scroll to <apply update.zip> and hit the <Power> button to confirm
    - rom will install and reboot phone automatically
    - first boot will take a minute
    - open Link2Sd app - inform the app the 2nd partition is a <Ext2> partition and reboot phone
    - open Link2Sd app after reboot - hit the <Menu> key then click on <Settings> tab
    - check the <Auto Link> box and click on <Install Location> and click <Internal>
    - most apps downloaded from market will default to the sd card
    - you will have to open Link2Sd app after installing apps and move the app back to the phone
    - then you will have to click each installed app in Link2Sd interface and click on <Create Link> and link all thats permitted
    - this will solve the majority of the limited space issue with this phone


    This phone seems to operate best when the CPU frequencies are set to 320 min and 800 max.
    We can't overclock the phone until a kernel is developed. Samsung hasn't release the kernel or firmware yet.
    Download No Frills Cpu from the market and set the frequencies to those specs.
    The phone is defaulted to 245 min and whatever it needs up to 800.
    At 245 minimum, it uses more battery power to "wake" and if it wakes frequently at this setting,
    it really adversely effects battery performance.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Download ROM from here -----> T589 Deodexed ROM

    Download Removed Apps from here ----> T589 Removed Apps

    Download Extra FREE Apps from here ----> Extra FREE Apps


  2. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    Here is a debloated odex non-rooted version
    Download here: -----> http://www.mediafire.com/?kc2ptadr7obvrtz

    Lots of bloat

    Adw Launcher
    Adw Notifications
    Flash Player
    Gingerbread Keyboard
    Black Theme

    Note: this version is NOT ROOTED! <you can root if you want>
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  3. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

  4. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

  5. twotone8

    twotone8 Member

    well done sir. Can't wIth to give this a shot.
  6. phandolin

    phandolin Member

    Wow, just in the nick of time! I boot looped my wife's phone and was able to get it back up and running (better than ever) using this thread. Thanks so much!!
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  7. phandolin

    phandolin Member

    So now I'm jealous of my wife's phone and want to do this to mine. =)

    If I want to have some of the extra apps on there when I install the ROM, can I just unzip your zip file, add them to the system/app folder, rezip the folder, then load it to the sd card and start the process? Sounds simple enough, just wanted to make sure.
  8. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    the "update.zip" file is "signed" so <NO> you can't do it that way.

    you have 3 ways to do this.

    one is to take the "extra apps" file and unzip it, put the unzipped folder on your sdcard, try clicking on each app you want to install, then link them to sdcard (w/ link2sd), linking not moving. if they default to sdcard, move them back to phone and then link them. (kinda like picking them from the app market on your computer)

    second way if the above way doesnt work... unzip the file, put the unzipped folder on your sdcard, use the file expert app, mount the /system/ folder as read write (file expert settings) and copy and paste the apps you want to install to your /data/app/ directory, set permissions for each app you moved and reboot, then link them all with link2sd

    third way is with sdk tools - adb - unzipping the file and pushing the apps you want to /data/app/ directory
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  9. phandolin

    phandolin Member

    Thanks again!

    I ended up just installing the ROM and getting a few of those apps from the Market. I was a bit nervous last night when my wife went to bed and I told her I'd get her phone running smooth, only to mess it up and have it not boot. By the time she woke up all was back and she was only missing a few contacts. Phew! I couldn't have done it without this, again many many thanks. It's a major improvement over the stock phone.
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  10. jane03

    jane03 New Member

    this one is cool. but im afraid i cant do it for my phone, cause im not that a good manipulator, if thats the word.. :( can somebody try to explain this to me simpler?
  11. ganghiss

    ganghiss New Member

    How in the world did you get Flash in this rom? Is this the only way we can get it for this phone?
  12. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    its top secret classified - u know, i could tell u but i'd have to .....

  13. ganghiss

    ganghiss New Member

    Right...now any chance we can get Flash updated to v11? Still can't watch a bunch of of videos on sites like YouTube and Vimeo.
  14. BrownHP800

    BrownHP800 Member

    I installed this rom. No issues there. Perfect directions.

    For some reason I no longer seem to have GPS function. I use the google maps navigator quite often. It just says searcing for GPS signal or something along those lines. Even downloaded a couple of apps that give GPS info and they show nothing.
    I used to have that little satellite icon in the top status bar and now there is nothing there.

    Please Help.
  15. BrownHP800

    BrownHP800 Member

    Nevermind. I turned off GPS. Powered Down. Removed the battery and let it sit for about 5 mins. Put it all back together and now its working. Whew. Thought I broke something.
  16. drinkleadsoup

    drinkleadsoup Member

    I installed the ams zip file today. All is well except my phone will not find the sd card. Any ideas??? Thanks.
  17. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    you will have to ask the guy that made the ams zip - i have no knowledge of what modifications he has done to this rom. its an entirely different project thats based on this rom from an entirely different person. i do not support or encourage using that rom.
  18. BrownHP800

    BrownHP800 Member

    I have tried the ams versions too. They seem very unstable compared to Arhtard's version.
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  19. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    samsung released the source files finally... downloading now, lets see what i can come up with.. stay tuned.
  20. drinkleadsoup

    drinkleadsoup Member

    Thank you for your reply. I got my sd card to work and used your update.zip file. Everything installed fine then I went to link2sd and it says no sd card present again. There is no sd card available in the settings menu either. Do you know of a command for terminal that will mount the sd card.
  21. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    just curious, did you partition AND format your sd card?
    this sounds like its not formatted, i made the same mistake one time and ended with the exact same results as you're describing.

    check if you've formatted it and get back to me
  22. drinkleadsoup

    drinkleadsoup Member

    Thanks. Each card until the last one had been formatted with the fat32 and ext2 partitions. I would try different paritition scenarios and nothing would make the sd card available. Twice I inserted new sd cards formatted in fat32 which were recognizable. Once I got it to recognize this latest card in fat32, I haven't tried partitioning it. Thanks for the help.
  23. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    ahh yeah.
    if you partition it in the wrong order it wont show as available or existing for that matter.
    its simple but tricky to partition it correctly - a small mistake will make it "not there"
    i recommend trying it again, partition it, you'll like the link2sd feature, start with the fat 32 partition as PRIMARY and leaving 248 to 512 mb free then partition the 2nd partition ext 2 PRIMARY with whatever space is left. then format the fat32 partition if the program didnt for you.

    if you're into changing roms, i know you'll try it eventually, lol.
    let me know if you need further help.
  24. drinkleadsoup

    drinkleadsoup Member

    Yeah. I will try again once I have a spare sd card. I can't mount the old cards even when formatted to fat32. This one works for now, so I am leaving as is. Keep us posted on new developments. Thanks.
  25. drinkleadsoup

    drinkleadsoup Member

    also, was wondering if anyone has flash working. are there settings i need to change for it to work?

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