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<ROM> Samsung Gravity Smart T589 <10/26/11>

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  1. itsfocus

    itsfocus New Member

    Can this be used with the Canadian version of the phone (Galaxy Q)? I'm on Rogers right now and in accounts/sync one of the options are to save my T-Mobile contacts. Will this just save my normal contacts? Will it cause any problems? I've never done this before, I just want to make sure.

  2. kaitech

    kaitech New Member

    Hey guys, first of all great job finally a rom for this phone.

    I am having problems getting it to read the rom,

    when I enter recovery mode and follow the steps upon going to install the rom it states
    "Finding update package...
    Opening update package....
    E:Can't open /sdcard/update.zip
    (No such file or directory)
    Installation aborted"

    Can someone help me with this.

    Thanks guys
  3. drinkleadsoup

    drinkleadsoup Member

    kaitech - did you format the sd card and install update.zip?
  4. kaitech

    kaitech New Member

    Ok I actually find the problem it was that the card was not primary partition so I fix that problem BUT when I try to use minitool partition to create 2 partitions onf my 8gb SDHC card it will not take, is there a better tool to create two partitions on this type of card?

    Other then that I have the new rom installed and working great thanks for the great job Guys.
  5. Legends0

    Legends0 New Member

    Thanks for this free ROM. Works great!
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  6. drinkleadsoup

    drinkleadsoup Member

    does anyone think it would be possible to get the t589 patched for Pdroid? forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1357056
  7. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    maybe try asking the developer of that rom?
  8. pchemerys

    pchemerys Active Member

    Can the creator(poster) of this ROM on this thread ...or anyone else here advise if this ROM allows us to overclock this phone after it's installed on the stock kernal? I have found VERY FEW customs ROMS for this phone..even now is this still one of the only custom ROMS for it? if not, where else can I get other ROMs and/or Kernals? My phone is rooted no prob but have had so many problems flashing ROM's/kernals to make oc possible..

    Thanks for any help or info on this!
  9. cjablonski

    cjablonski Active Member

    Well, it's done! I was an idiot at first, not realizing that I had to take out the SD card to partition it. (I didn't even realize my PC had an SD reader!) So the first time I tried it, it couldn't find update.zip, and I was left with a wiped phone. Which was actually pretty cool, because like NOTHING was installed. (It was still rooted though, which I found really strange.)

    But then I finally figured out the SD thing and everything's working like a champ. Great stuff! (But why can't I uninstall facebook?)

    EDIT: sweet, I can uninstall it with Link2SD!
  10. ganghiss

    ganghiss New Member

    It looks like removing Gallery 3D borked the option to set a wallpaper for the lock screen (Settings|Display|Wallpapers|Lock screen wallpapers). The only choice was Gallery. An install of a working Gallery 3D for Froyo results in a force close error in com.android.settings when trying to access the setting.

    Any suggestions or solutions?
  11. pchemerys

    pchemerys Active Member

    ANYBODY know or can answer if THIS ROM will allow us to OVERCLOCK this phone on the STOCK KERNEL? please, need to know this FIRST before I install! There are NO custom Kernels and not many custom ROMS. thanks
  12. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    sorry we cant overclock this phone yet
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  13. srjvargas

    srjvargas Active Member

    Just installed the ROM. And it is PERFECT. MANY THANKS :)

    I just wanted to recommended this guide in onder to advice about the 1st and very important step, How to partition the sd card:
    SD card partitioning - XDA-Developers

    And also this guide, for those u arent english native (like me). Im pretty sure more than one get with this forum xD if they have the Gravity

    PartitionWizard Android Venezuela en Espa
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  14. srjvargas

    srjvargas Active Member

    sorry for the double post but I have a question:
    Can I delete the 'update.zip' file from the microSD card now that i installed this rom? or should i keep it there?
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  15. drinkleadsoup

    drinkleadsoup Member

  16. eggowaffle

    eggowaffle Member

    hi i am having trouble getting link 2 sd card to work
    whenever i go to link2sd app and try to link apps to sd it shows 2nd partition not found when i already partitioned it....
    help please!
  17. cjablonski

    cjablonski Active Member

    @eggowaffle: SD card partitioning - XDA-Developers is a pretty good guide for what to do to partition your SD card. Use the specifications set out by Ahrtard, though.

    Also, this may be obvious, but you have to take the SD card out of your phone and use an SD reader. You can't just do it through USB debugging. (I made this mistake at first.)
  18. eggowaffle

    eggowaffle Member

    I couldnt get my sd card to read so i instead used my old phone (huawei u8100) to partition my sd card and everything worked :)
    something must be wrong with my sd card :s but w.e. i got it partition c:
    btw does swap size has to be 512mb? cannot be more than that? just asking.
  19. poswimol

    poswimol Member

    Would it be safe to remove the SDcard (when the phone is off of course) after I put some apps on it with Link2SD? The apps will just not show up when I turn the phone back on right? That would be useful to know if I wanted to switch to another SDcard.

    Just making sure - update.zip can be deleted because it flashes the update to system memory right? Sorry for the stupid question. I did things like this with my PSP before, but maybe things work slightly different on Android and I would really hate to brick my phone.
  20. cjablonski

    cjablonski Active Member

    You can totally delete update.zip. As for your other question, I'm actually not quite sure what happens. I would guess the apps force close upon opening, and if you have something that autoruns, it would make a chain of force closes. But maybe not.

    Keep in mind you can "freeze" apps with Link2SD, so that might be an alternative.
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  21. PearlyQ

    PearlyQ New Member

    This a great, thanks!
  22. fourtwyn

    fourtwyn New Member

    I got this rom on my phone and now I can't accesss my sd card via my ps3. Whenever I link my phone to my ps3 via usb, it gives me the prompt, like it should and i can click it and it appears on my ps3. But when I attempt to open it to access my files, the phone kicks back out to the original screen(click to connect via usb). I'm not trying to blame the rom, but it worked before I got this rom. Other than this, it works great and I am very happy with the change. I have not tried to connect to an actual pc because I dont have one and I only have internet access via the public library and they wont allow me took connect my phone to their computer.
  23. pchemerys

    pchemerys Active Member

    Firstly, thanks Arhtard for being one of very few who ever made a custom rom for this phone. I personally didn't use it long (the phone) as I only got this free and played around with it for a few weeks but am giving it to my wife now so I figured I'd give this rom a shot.

    It looks good. Runs good. Like it. Couple of questions though:

    1. I know about the internal mem limit and thus the main issue with this phone was the capacity issues and was practically useless unless rooted and using an app2sd program.. which is what i did and was able to install a ton of apps until finally the internal mem hit it's limit (which is actually around 17 to 18 mb remaining). Now when u get the phone stock or do a factory reset/wipe it starts out with saying that there is 171 mb remaining. Like I said, with that and being rooted and using app2sd I was able to install a ton but after installing your rom I only start with 91 mb remaining..a full 80mb less off the start...?? now obviously i'll be using the link2sd app you installed with the rom but wont i actually get less space and less ability for apps now? why so much space used up at onset of rom? I thought with what you stripped, that 171 might go to 180 or something (only 189 to start on phone) but down to 91..?that's puzzling and making me think i'll get a lot less overall when installing apps even when moving to sd(cuz a little always gets used even installing apps2sd).

    2. Can i no longer edit the 4 icon shortcut bar on the homescreen menu? I know on the stock i changed it and swapped a few icons but can't seem to now. Is that so?

    3. On a later reply in this post you mentioned Samsung having released some firmware/updates or something but nothing else came after that.. did this change or update anything to do with the phone/your rom? (mainly curious if any kernels have been created to allow for oc of the phone..i doubt that'll ever happen for this older lesser phone but heck..ya never know).

    4. i see you installed flash on this somehow (v10.1) and works for some web stuff but i assume there is no way to update to 11 or any newer versions as they come out, correct? i dunno why even some simple older data on some websites still ask for latest flash when older version , like this one would definitely work to view it! go figure..

    That's it i guess... and again.. nice ROM. Good job and surprised you even (tinkered) to create this. hopefully you even see this post and can answer this.. if so, greatly appreciated and if not, oh well.

    btw, does anyone know a link to get the stock rom for this phone from? (i'll want it for backup and to use in case need to flash back to stock) thanks
  24. cstanley

    cstanley New Member

    Arhtard- You wouldn't happen to have the stock ROM for this phone would you??? If not, could you please tell me where or how I can get it?
    If anyone else has the same information, I would appreciate it.


  25. keith1764

    keith1764 Member

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