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[ROM] Stock rooted OTA 4.08.605.19 710RD - 02-10-2013

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  1. cmlusco

    cmlusco Well-Known Member

    Stock Rooted OTA 4.08.605.19 710RD Rom

    Stock rooted ota 4.08.605.19 710RD rom. It is rooted, zip aligned, has busybox and comes in odexed or deodexed versions. Other than that it is untouched. Enjoy :D

    [standard flashing disclaimer here]

    Do a full wipe except for sdcard and emmc, then flash like any other rom.

    Stock rooted ota 4.08.605.19 rom may be able to be flashed over Stock rooted ota 4.08.605.15 rom, but is untested. If you flash over and have issues, do a full wipe and fresh install.

    DOWNLOAD and please post any questions or comments HERE


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  2. fewjr

    fewjr Member

    Hi cmlusco,
    Can you explain a little what is happening with this 4.08.605.19 OTA thats popped up here lately. I am using your Touch of Blue ROM and everything was running great. A couple of weeks ago my phone started rebooting spontaniously, especially when listening to mp3s. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. Last night I tried wiping my cache and Dalvik cache for the heck of it, but it didn't help. I really like your ROM and have enjoyed learning a little about how these phones work but I'm a little confused again. Thanks

  3. cmlusco

    cmlusco Well-Known Member

    Well this latest update claims to fix reboot issues, but no indepth description. Reboots can be caused by many different issues, so it is hard to say. It could be an under/over clocking/volting issue if you do that. Could be a battery going bad. Could be a setting, or many other things. TOB will soon be updated to 4.08.605.19, mabey that will fix your issues. You could try this rom in the mean time, and see if you still get the reboots.
  4. fewjr

    fewjr Member

    Hi again,
    Thanks for the response. I edited the build.prop file like was posted in another post. I haven't seen an OTA try to popup since but the phone will not stop rebooting/crashing when I'm listening to mp3's and XMRadio...things like that. I never thought about the battery....it is fully charged and not running out. I don't do anything like over/under volting. Nothing fancy....just was using TOB and liked it. I guess it was just a coincidence that this OTA was causing people trouble at the same time my crash problem started. Is there a way to read a crashdump file?

  5. fewjr

    fewjr Member

    Well I can use the phone again with the stock rooted ROM but now my root apps won't acquire root access anymore. I'm searching for an answer but no luck yet. Have to get ready for work. I am still unlocked/Soff. Any ideas?

    Also, I tried to flash MIUI and it failed....not sure why. Is there a nice guide or book I can read all in one place about how all this Android operating system/development works. You guys are great about helping out and all but I would like to understand it all a bit better instead of asking questions everytime I get stuck. Thanks.

  6. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Try going into your 'manage applications" screen and clear the data for the superuser app.
  7. fewjr

    fewjr Member

    Thanks sdrawcab25,
    That didn't help ...still can't use root apps. I'm back to this stock rooted ROM after trying to flash miui. It fails to complete, so I applied my backup.

  8. cmlusco

    cmlusco Well-Known Member

  9. cmlusco

    cmlusco Well-Known Member

  10. fewjr

    fewjr Member

    I'm glad you figured that out. I've been playing with other ROM's the last few days. I found one, ( CM9) that worked pretty good except for camera. MIUI wouldn't flash....symlink problems. So I came back to this until your TOB update.

  11. cmlusco

    cmlusco Well-Known Member

    TOB has been updated already, v3.0.
  12. fewjr

    fewjr Member

    Oh cool.....that's good news I hope. Flashing superuser like you said above didn't work for me. Not sure why.


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