Root + CWM galaxy Note in simple step 1 2 3 n finish

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  1. dr.ketan

    dr.ketan Member

    1. I want just Root- download This
    Now Execute RunMe – follow screen instruction

    2. I Want ROOT + CWM

    Which kernel You have?

    (Go to Settings -> About phone -> Kernel Version. Note the string present there: Here Red is kernel version)

    I have Kernel KJ1 - Download This – and Extract

    I have Kernel KJ4 - Download This - and Extract

    I Have Kernel KJ6 - Download this - and extract

    I have Kernel KK1 - Download This - and Extract

    I have Kernel KKA - Download This - and Extract

    I have Kernel KK9 - Download This - and Extract

    NOW Ready to begin

    I am Already Rooted - Execute "already-rooted.bat" and follow the instructions

    I am Non-rooted - Execute "not-rooted-yet.bat" and follow the instructions.

  2. dr.ketan

    dr.ketan Member

    Support for KKA and KK9 kernel added to main post
  3. burneh

    burneh New Member

    I have a problem. My phone wont turn on, because i messed up the OS. So i am trying to root another on to the phone. But i can't figure out which kernel to use? Please help :)
  4. dr.ketan

    dr.ketan Member

    i replied you on another post just follow it
  5. clint316

    clint316 New Member

    Hey, mine is Kernel KK3 so... ???
  6. misfit74

    misfit74 New Member

    will this work on a mac ?
  7. Markbusa

    Markbusa Member

    Just rooted my note with the above method.....very simple process:D...only had the phone 3 days:cool:
  8. Springboks

    Springboks New Member

    Hi there,

    I have KK4 on my Gnote. Which kernel should I use?

  9. sanchoon

    sanchoon New Member

    Hi, i had read some about rooting and CWM.
    i had also downloaded ur attachments:
    - CFRoot+for+kernel+KK1.rar

    1) what is the next step? should i copy it into my SD card?
    2) then, i shud execute "not-rooted-yet.bat" from CFRoot+for+kernel+KK1.rar
    or i should execute "runme.bat" from

    3) then, is there anything i nid to add in, to make this galaxy note run faster and having better speed?

    i believe, after rooted, alot of things can be done. right? any advise?

    pls advise.
  10. Sport Billy

    Sport Billy New Member

    Hi Dr.Ketan

    I'm ready to root my GN but following your steps, I'm stuck at the download step as looks down (a MegaUpload collateral I guess). Can you point to another download location (KKA in my case)?

    Thanks a lot
  11. Samay

    Samay New Member

    My Kernel is N7000BDCLA2-CLXXXXXX.
    Which one is correct for me to root my phone??
    Please, help I know little about it....
  12. westinman

    westinman New Member

    Hi there,

    I had rooted my Galaxy Note per instructions on this thread and it worked very well. However after updating the firmware, the phone is no longer rooted. I've followed the same steps and have errors. The new build number is GINGERBREAD ZSLA2. Kernel version is Is there a way to re-root the phone ?

    I'd post a screen shot of the DOS window but being a newbie on this forum I cannot. So let me know what info is needed and I'll manually enter.

  13. TheMuffnMan

    TheMuffnMan New Member

    I have the file for all the KK1/2/3/4 if you want it?
  14. fatasiangeek

    fatasiangeek New Member

    I have the same problem above. Is there a way to root this.
    @westinman - dude, were you able to get around this with a fix. T_T so frustrated that rooting always fails.
  15. IbAking

    IbAking Member

    Initial CF-Root flasher, by Chainfire

    Easy rooting toolkit by DooMLoRD
    zergRush by Revolutionary Team
    Gingerbreak/Honeybomb by The Android Exploid Crew

    [*] This script will:
    (1) root ur device using zergRush exploit
    (2) flash CF-Root

    [*] Before u begin:
    (1) make sure u have installed adb drivers for ur device
    (2) enable "USB DEBUGGING"
    from (Menu\Settings\Applications\Development)
    (3) enable "UNKNOWN SOURCES"
    from (Menu\Settings\Applications)
    (4) [OPTIONAL] increase screen timeout to 10 minutes
    (5) connect USB cable to PHONE and then connect to PC
    (6) skip "PC Companion Software" prompt on device

    (7) !!! PUT A CF-ROOT zImage FILE IN THE zImage FOLDER !!!
    Press any key to continue . . .
    --- STARTING ----
    --- cleaning
    --- pushing zergRush"
    cannot stat 'files\zergRush': No such file or directory
    --- correcting permissions
    Unable to chmod /data/local/tmp/zergRush: No such file or directory
    --- executing zergRush
    ./data/local/tmp/zergRush: not found
    if it gets stuck over here for a long time then try:
    disconnect usb cable and reconnect it
    toggle "USB DEBUGGING" (first disable it then enable it)
    We should have (temporary) root now
    We will try to flash CF-Root kernel now
    Please watch for any errors beyond this point!
    Press any key to continue . . .
    --- pushing zImage
    2873 KB/s (8387840 bytes in 2.850s)
    --- flashing zImage
    /dev/block/mmcblk0p5: cannot open for write: Permission denied
    --- cleaning up
    --- rebooting
    If all is well, CF-Root should be flashed
    Your device should be rebooting now
    Please check if you have root and CWM after boot completes!
    Press any key to continue . . .

    is it my galaxy note already ROOT or not?
  16. bgardner15

    bgardner15 Well-Known Member

    my only question is that my phone when checked to see the kernal type it is baseband 1717UCLA1 GINGERBREAD.UCLA1, what would i need to do? It tells me the phone is current on updates......
  17. Hippo2626

    Hippo2626 New Member

    my kernel version is LA1. What do I do?
  18. alttafv

    alttafv Member

    Bro my Galaxy note kernel is LA5
    could u please help me root my Galaxy note with CWM method?
    I need link to download kernel and i need total files helpful to do this...
    Thanks in advance
  19. alttafv

    alttafv Member

  20. westinman

    westinman New Member

    Anyone have the instructions and files to root a LA2 or is everyone just waiting for ICS to come out for it instead ?
    @fatasiangeek...nothing yet. Still prowling looking for a solution. But at this rate maybe ICS would be out first ;-)
  21. izsharir

    izsharir New Member

  22. norliana143

    norliana143 New Member

    my kernel version is LA1. what to do?
  23. AssMonkey

    AssMonkey New Member

    I think I have the same problem as bgardner15:

    My kernel number only shows

    Any way to get the rest of the number? Google searches yield no useful results.

    Thanks in advance.
  24. slipperyDroid

    slipperyDroid New Member

    so it seems im having the first initial roadblock like a few others

    my note is on the rogers (canada)network..

    the kernel but thats where the string ends
    baseband version 1717ruxla2
    build number gingerbread.248

    so until i know what the next step is ill wait till i know what to do. ive read all day about the art or rooting and roms and all things galaxy note but want to make sure i make the first right step.


  25. mellemel

    mellemel New Member

    Same problem here.

    Kernel version: (then no other number/strings)
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.UCLA1
    Baseband version: I717UCLA1

    Which one should I download to root + CWM? Thanks!

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