Samsung Galaxy Gear has been officially announced - What do you think?

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  1. GamerCore

    GamerCore VIP Member VIP Member


    The Samsung Galaxy Gear was just announced today during IFA 2013 in Berlin. Like Google Glass for your wrist, the Galaxy Gear features a simplified UI perfect for your wrist, 1.63-inch 320

  2. shuknopata

    shuknopata New Member

    Let me say some words to Sammy (even though they aren't listening me!). I am a always watch wearing guy for the last 15 years. No matter where am i or what am i doing i always have a watch. As a SGS3 user for the last 1 year, i always dreamed to wear something like a smartwatch for the last one year. I am ignoring Sony by this time and only then yesterday i feel that Samsung totally betrayed me!
    At first a watch with 25 hours of battery life! Is my hearing is problematic or Sammy's brain? Is this waterproof? Regardless about design, its useless to me. I am going for Sony definitely. Because i m not interest on Apple, because i hate propitiatory functions and connectivity they are using.
  3. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Proprietary functionality was to be expected with Samsung, I'm afraid.

    But my first response to the Galaxy Gear is "not ready for market" - big, ugly, lousy compatibility, laughable battery life. I know Samsung have money to burn, but I find this hard to take as a serious product. To me this seems to be an attempt to be on the market before the other big players, but why? Samsung of all companies know that it's not the first to market that usually wins.
  4. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    As a Pebble owner, I look at this and sadly shake my head. I was hoping for bigger things out of them. The battery life is a big disappointment, it's no better than the other bulky smart watches out there, except it's now proprietary?! No thanks.
  5. Scootmien

    Scootmien Well-Known Member Contributor

    Pretty much exactly what I came here to post. An excellent idea but poorly implemented. The battery life is just ridiculous. I would expect a smartwatch to last for a few days at least. I realise this is all down to battery size versus watch size and I accept there will have to be a trade-off between the two.

    It looks fugly too. I applaud the idea of being able to use it for video calls and to take photos but they are the only plus points that have come out of the limited info on this device so far.
  6. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    I did wonder this morning whether Pebble have had a small sales boost from people who'd waited to see what Samsung would release ;)

    The really daft thing is, if you are going to stick an A9 cpu in it and a relatively power-hungry screen, why not at least include wireless charging? I'd have thought that was just so obvious it didn't need saying. If you have to charge a watch daily then just taking it off and putting it on a pad on your bedside table would fit many watch wearer's existing routines (the only difference is having a pad there). But making the watch another thing to plug in each night?

    And you can't even resort to that other fix for dodgy battery life. People plug phones in while at work, but that's hardly going to work for a wristwatch! ;)
  7. Scootmien

    Scootmien Well-Known Member Contributor

    Wireless charging would be ideal for this watch if many more devices came with wireless charging too. For instance, if the Note 3 had it, which I believe is the first device the Gear is due to be compatible with, then both watch and phone could sit on a wireless charging pad over night. Perfect.
  8. Scootmien

    Scootmien Well-Known Member Contributor

  9. JSchu22

    JSchu22 Well-Known Member Contributor

    This is nothing more than a beta. One which unfortunately must be purchased.

    Just awesome, Samsung.
  10. anarchaoz

    anarchaoz New Member

    There is no way I would pay over $150 for a smartwatch.
    I bought my Sony Liveview for under $20 a year ago and this thing is great. Sure I can't send stuff from it, but for the price deally matter? I get texts, rss feeds, facebook and twitter notifications, can see who's calling, and can control my music player with it. I only charge it maybe every 3-4 days, the only issue is the screen doesn't stay on to show time.

    Sorry Samsung but I would not buy the Gear even if it did work with my Nexus 4.

    Now if someone would release a watch that does what mine does with better battery, voice input for texting (possibly calling if it doesn't look awkward), looks nice, is waterproof, and is not proprietary all for 150-200...
  11. Fishma2

    Fishma2 New Member

    Overall I like it. I like the look to the device and the overall features BUT I agree the battery life KILLS this device!
  12. dragonfly1113

    dragonfly1113 New Member

    The galaxy gear, sony watch, pebble, and meta watch all are getting publicity right now as being "top/new tech products" the motorola motoactv has been around for a few years now does everything that every one of these devices does and more but they arent getting any respect. I personally love my rooted motoactv running full android with any apps i want, having its own wifi and its own bluetooth it can be run without having the need for a phone with it. It truely is a smart watch as it can run on its own and isnt just a mirror of a screen on a phone. only issue it and every other smart watch will have is the battery lasts one day, so what i plug it in when i plug in my phone at night no biggie to me. sorry for the rant this topic has been huge lately and it just stinks that noone's acknowledging the presence of the motoactv when it does like i said everything these others can do and alot more. overall a much better device. so will I get the gear? no unless it gets rooted even still they cant grow a headphone jack which is what the motoactv comes with as well.
    rant over.
  13. mrex

    mrex Well-Known Member

    Im not sure what to do! I havent bought a smartwatch because I was waiting Samsung. I really do need a smartwatch because I have a Note 10.1 as my phone and I carry it in my bag with me. BUT

    1) Gear wont work with my phone (???)
    2) Gear has bad battery (really 24h hours?)
    3) From videos Gear works as a headset, but am I able to use a real headset? Can I pair my bt-headset with Gear and Gear with my phone or am I going to speak to the watch and let everyone else to hear my calls?
    4) Waterproof or resistant (ip67)?
    5) What about cold? (we may have -30C on winter time)
    6) When my Note gets an update for working with a Gear?

    So I have no idea what to do. I like Gear, it's abit stylish, but all those questions above... Maybe they give something better, a premium watch for xmas? Maybe I skip this one... Atleast it must costs much less and the compatibility has to be fixed soon, before it is in stores....

    Maybe an apple swatch? Noooooooooooowayyyyy:
    Sorry, I had to... after seeing so many pics of "funny shamesung swatch".
  14. 1xsculler

    1xsculler Member

    Since I'm getting a GN3 I'm certainly going to try the Gear for the trial period but I doubt I'll keep it. Every photo I see shows the Gear with a cable attached. Why is that?

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