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Samsung Galaxy PRecedent ROMs

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  1. How many Custom ROMs are available for Precedent from Straight Talk.

  2. AMOCO

    AMOCO The Computer Guy Guide

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  3. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    There's also a CM7 port.
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  4. I know of 9. Well more than that.

    1) AreaRom 2.3
    2) AreaRom 3.0
    3) AreaRom 3.1
    4) CM7.1
    5) CM7.2
    7) JoyOSPrecedent
    8) Lewa OS Beta
    9) TalkStraight 0.1

    There is also others like the AreaRom 2.2 (FROYO) and AreaRom 2.1 i believe.

    Any other new ones I might not know about?
    I'm looking for the best of the best of ROMs. I like the CM9, CM7.2, AreaRom 3.1 and the JoyOsPrecedent. (JoyOSPRecedent is like an android turned into a IPhone but there is a few bugs that need to be fixed. Partitioning the SD card for starters.)
  5. BTW the KANG and ICS RELOADED are 2 different CM9 ones.
  6. akashik

    akashik Well-Known Member

    There's the Pandabomb CM7 Rom as well.

    A more important question is which ones see the most attention from their developers.

    I've just changed from Pandabomb to Arearom 3.1 for this reason. While Arearom 3.1 is as ugly as a red-headed stepchild when it's first installed, you can pretty it up a bit (installing exDailer, ADW Launcher etc). The Signal Booster app that's pre-installed is full of ad-ware, but ripping it out with Titanium Backup fixes that.

    Once it settles in it's fast - and in regard to this phone that's the most important factor for me.

    If some of these other ROM's see a lot of attention from their authors I might change again, though I'd be hard pressed to see an advantage if they're using the stock kernel.
  7. PoorBoy52760

    PoorBoy52760 Well-Known Member

    AreaRom 3.2 is almost done, left dialpad stock, new lockscreen new OC Kernel Options 900mhz and 946mhz with like 10 governors, and 5 io schdulers

    Removed all launchers except stock, removed gosms can send and receive pic msgs on stock mms.apk, removed stock browser and added Google Chrome, preinstalled Antutu CpuMaster FreeEdition, screenshot, wifi tether, sense analog small black clock widget, Antutu Benchmark, Advanced Task Killer, Youtube, voice search is back in it, as well as voice dialer, changed the Icons on the taskbar added the reboot menu back in... its coming together i am saying it should be in beta testing friday and released next week sometime

    OH YEAH we removed signal booster also... damn thing was spaming up the status bar.
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  8. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Talk about attention from the developer. You just released 3.1. :)

    Many thanks.
  9. Are you working with the AA51 team? Please tell DroidHost that i apologize for what happened. I also won't be getting AreaRom 3.2. Im still using AreaRom 3.0 because im blocked from AA51 because a misunderstanding happened.
  10. Pandabomb CM7 <--- Download Link?
  11. akashik

    akashik Well-Known Member

  12. Also tell him im banned off PrecedentMods as well. I was NEVER friends with them i had no clue Android 2.3.7 was stolen from AA51, i thought they made they're own version of it. Also i got them to delete that whole forum about Android 2.3.7 also.
  13. akashik

    akashik Well-Known Member

    No idea. It's closer to the original Prevail CM7 (has some Boost labeling on it). It's a nice clean CM7 port but isn't the best ROM for this phone (or I'd still be using it). Haven't seen the developer around here since he did it though.
  14. Do you have any clue how to fix the partioning problem with JoyOSPrecedent?
  15. PoorBoy52760

    PoorBoy52760 Well-Known Member

    you were granted a temoprary pardon from aa51 the ban was lifted..
  16. Thank you.
  17. uknow

    uknow Well-Known Member

    Where can I get the cm9?

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