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  1. flixthebix

    flixthebix New Member

    Hi there,

    Recently got my Samsung Galaxy S2 (first Android phone).

    I've been using it for the past week but have noticed that my 16GB of internal storage has become full. I have bought a 16GB external memory card to put music etc. on and when I check what is in the internal memory when plugged into my computer, it doesn't add up - there can't be any more than 1 or tops 2GB saved to it.

    I have around 30 apps and they are all pretty small so it can't be that.

    This is making accessing my music and downloading new files pretty much impossible so as you can imagine, it's pretty annoying.

    Just wondering if anyone has got the same problem or if anyone knows what my problem is?


  2. #God#

    #God# Member

    If you go to settings- storage/internal memory what does it say there?
  3. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Seriously, what did you install? You do not get full 16GB. More than 2GB is used by the system I think. If you install lots of HD games, you will run out of space quickly. Each HD games can easily be 500MB on average. Other than that would be music, videos, pictures and movies. Try transferring your music, pictures and movies to a microSD card.

    Maybe you just don't know where the things are. Anyway, since you just got the phone and downloaded only 30apps, you could always try to reformat and reinstall everything again. Suggest you back up whatever data you seriously need first.

  4. deh7208

    deh7208 New Member

    The reason why you are having issues with memory is because even though the phone has 16g internal memory only 1g. Is available to the user the rest is being used by the os and preloaded apps. If you go to settings and then phone storage it will show you the available internal memory.
  5. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Actually that's not quite right. Nearly 2GB is for applications (exe. files I think) while 11.50GB is for data storage. If you install Motor GT for example, 600MB will go into data storage while some small files will be in system storage. Only the remaining used by the OS.

  6. pentoxides

    pentoxides New Member

    I've had the same problem, and I just found out how to solve it

    use Astro from the market.

    Locate the ".Trashes" file.

    Delete it

    Boom! Tons of space back

  7. 0078265317

    0078265317 Well-Known Member

    I don't see any .trashes folder on my avail. Plus .trashes is only for mac right. I have both mac and pc btw.
  8. MochaFrap

    MochaFrap New Member

    Hey guys!

    I just recently bought a new S2, the G variant.
    I was playing around with it for the past few days until I noticed a rather strange issue.

    Whenever I turn on and turn off the wifi, my phone internal storage (the one with 1.9GB partition) increases by approximately 2.5mb everytime I use this. Now, when I check Settings>Manage Applications and look at the tab, the numbers don't add up. The most is 11mb, which is facebook. That's about it. But then, the total storage used is around 200mb, yet when I add those apps' numbers up, its only at 90mb (Yes, I manually added them up with a calculator lol).

    My issue is this, since I'm always using the wifi feature, eventually my phone would reach full memory used but then, my apps would only be the same (90mb, assuming I don't install more apps). And then, if i try to uninstall them, it won't make space available.

    Anyone knows a solution to this problem? Or is this a known issue?
    TIA :D
  9. ragavpayne

    ragavpayne New Member

    I had the same issue a while ago. I didn't connect it to the wifi usage but I guess you've analyzed it pretty good.

    My phone started adding internal storage like 200mb every day. I didn't know what was causing it. I've been thinking it was this software update that I did on my own. But I'm not sure.

    Anyway, I tried doing a factory reset twice and it kept happening. So I took it to the Samsung Service center which is like 30 secs walk (slow walk) from my house and they fixed it the next day and gave it to me like a brand new one. Now it is working flawlessly. I live in India by the way. Not sure how efficient your country's centers are.

    Before you take it to them, it is wise to backup all your text messages, contacts and apps. Use SMS backup app, Contact export option in contacts and ultimate backup app to do all those tasks respectively.

    Hope this helps!
  10. jimmz58

    jimmz58 New Member


    I have encountered this too. It is the wifi error log file that is auto saved to yr internal sdcard. Its found in root folder /data. You will have one wifi dumpstate file of 3 - 4 mb in size. Use Root Explorer and navigate to /data and delete all the wifi error log files. See my next post for permanent solution.
  11. jimmz58

    jimmz58 New Member

  12. sheraz1

    sheraz1 New Member

  13. sheraz1

    sheraz1 New Member

    I have the same problem. In storage it says
    total memory 11.__ GB
    apps 540 MB
    pictures 1.01 GB
    audio 1.37 GB
    free 1.44 gb
    how do you guys explain that?
  14. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    There are 3 portion of memory shown.

    1) 2GB for apps. (about there)
    Used: 540MB
    Free: 1.44GB
    and this seems right....

    2) 11.5GB USB storage
    Used: Pictures, audio... etc (Check again)
    Free: Check again

    3) Left over from 16GB used by the OS. So about 3GB.
  15. bogardesprit

    bogardesprit New Member


    I just bought Samsung Galaxy S2 GT i9100 16G. My problem is, it just got internal memory 170Mb. Also, android version installed is 4.0.9 version. Is it my phone non original? Or something already happen? Pls help.
  16. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to Android Forums bogardesprit! :)

    Android 4.0.9! Not been an official SGSII release from Samsung for that or one with a 170MB internal memory.

    I would suggest reading through this thread and trying the tests and watching the video... then report back.
  17. bogardesprit

    bogardesprit New Member

    I already read the thread and watch the video. My phone is perfectly same to the original one, just the sd card, i need to take out by forcing out (the video show must push once to eject). For checking code, *#06# is working, but others code not working (result: connection error or invallid MMI code). And for time reboot, it's just like the original one. Since the internal memory just 170Mb, i assume, mine is fake one. Thanks for the thread.
  18. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Sorry bogardesprit. :(

    If you've tried everything in that thread, in the way of codes, and you only have a maximum internal memory of 170MB... it is a fake I'm afraid.

    As I stated in this post:-

    Any details of where you got it from, how much paid, etc; might help others.
  19. matthew r

    matthew r New Member

    I need help i have downloaded 5 apps from market and it says i have used 1.9gb used how is this possible !???? I need help!
  20. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    What are the apps you installed?
  21. emphatical

    emphatical New Member

    I, much like you folk spent FOREVER attempting to figure this out. I got absolutely no where until now! I'm quite excited haha.

    There is one downside however. I did root but my god was it ever simplistic. Takes a matter of moments. My warranty time has already passed so it's of no concern. I tried literally EVERY other option with absolutely zero success. Reset my phone multiple times, only to have the problem come back again and again.

    1) First I followed this video to root
    2) Download/Install Root Explorer
    3) Once installed go to /system/bin/dumpstate (at the top of the screen make sure mounted as r/w is clicked, otherwise this next step will not work)
    4) Tap and hold finger on 'dumpstate', hit 'permissions' and uncheck all 'execute' options.
    5) This in the future will prevent your phone from creating these damn files that clog your phone up.
    6) You will now need to delete these files (unless you just did a fresh reset).
    7) Now browse to /data/log/ and you want to delete all the files that say "dumpstate_RESET_BY_CP_SILENTRESET.log" - these are what are creating this huge data loss on internal memory.

    Wham, bam, thank you mamme! Give it a try and you're bound to be a happy camper!
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    ANAND KRISHNA New Member

    Mine shows:
    what happ to the remaining 1gb
  23. lcdsantos

    lcdsantos Member

    Thank you very much! I got from 15% to 25% free on internal memory after deleting the old systemdumpstate files!.
  24. mpompei

    mpompei New Member

    I'm having the same problem after upgrading to JellyBean 4.1.2 using the official O2 UK update. Anyone know if there's any way to resolve this without rooting?
  25. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to Android Forums mpompei! :)

    Grab a coffee and have a read through this...

    Firmware update problems... what you can do!

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