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  1. chellestyles

    chellestyles New Member

    Hello! The memory on my phone is low right now so I was wondering if I got a SD Card (a big one) will it help improve my low memory? Or would it make no difference at all?
    I would not want to waste money on a SD Card if it makes no d
    ifference.. thanks!

  2. r4nd0m

    r4nd0m Member

    A *big* SD card won't make any difference. Use any standard size SD card (e.g. 1Gb) and you may be able to move some apps onto it (not all apps let you move them). 1Gb is enough.

    The HTC ChaCha has a problem with low memory in general -- mine has the same issue. My settings show 125Mb in use and 25Mb free. It doesn't seem that 15-Mb is enough for more than about 15 apps :(
  3. chellestyles

    chellestyles New Member

    Thanks so much for replying and all the info! So do you recomend me getting an SD Card? Does it help SOMEWHAT?

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